Friday, October 10, 2014

Friday's Dispatch

I was curious enough about this fixture to document it and did so fairly recently (it is 09/30/2014) but if my life depended on it I could not tell you where it is. What a drag it is getting old as my buddy Mick would say.

  • I am still troubled by the fact we're losing a generation of males to watching sports and playing video games and as far as I can tell there are only about 9 other people who have wised up enough in this country to get what I mean when I say that.
  • Today I underwent a procedure that had as a post instruction: "Do not shower or bathe for 24 hours". It is about 95% psychological but I am itching, feel nasty and think I smell BO. Why/how is that possible? If I know it is all in my head, how can it still be bothering me? It isn't something you would point out to me that I would be willing to argue about- I know physiologically I'm fine- I don't reek but I feel gross. 
    The old don't even think about sitting here trick eh?
  • Recently my eldest son came by my house to show me his new truck and meet my girlfriend. I don't know how it came to be any part of that sentence would ever be true but there it is in black and white. 
  • Life happens and time is relentless. 
  • I am 6 years older than him: the last thing FG said about my son before the Sandman took her away from me that night.
  • There is a video going around of victims of a supposed chemical weapon attack perpetrated by the Syrian government. The news is reporting it as, appearing to be genuine... I caught parts of three broadcasts that said something to that effect but none of them showed it. That struck me as odd but I didn't dig for the truth as I had my fill of awful for the day. Quite by accident a few days later I caught the video on the yoochoobs. It is not only fake- it is a bad, clumsy fake but it serves everybody involved purposes too well I suppose.
  • Judging by Wendy Davis' bumper stickers a lot of people dig her although I'm not sure why- she stands and reads a phone book better than anybody? If experience and especially morals really, really matter like people wring their hands over in this country; I don't know who the evil of two lessers are- she or Abbott.
    FG and I sneaked into an old building on the square in Weatherford America
  • Axe Cop- what I'm watching.
  • A news break has just informed me a big controversy at Brigham Young University is a ban on beards. Brigham himself was known to rock a beard as I recall.
  • Whether it is incarceration, execution, detention, entitlements... you name it, if the government has to apply a euphemism to it to make it more palatable to the peasants, we should probably at least question it.
  • Regardless of the music type I like a prominent, clean and sometimes technical bass guitar driving things. That said here, listen to my favorite Joy Division song. New Dawn Fades
    This was found during my scooter search. I almost don't know where to start but I'll give it a go. OK homes- you made Miley Cyrus'  signature thing look more ridiculous. When people look to buy a bike it is, even if they are serious, sort of a daydream thing- they need to be able to imagine themselves riding the scooter. That is hard to do with you giving them a thumbs up with your tongue flopping out your mouth while wearing a wife beater shirt.


Katy Anders said...

The age thing is weird. I haven't had to face it yet, but there is a better-than-even chance that my NEXT girlfriend will be closer in age to my eldest daughter than she is to me.

I'm not creepy or anything. I just know who I relate with the best, you know?

el chupacabra said...

Right- same here. For us I have a more/less young spirit and she a more/less old soul, so it works.