Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Booties Pooches, New Mexican Scenery and Various Drive By Shootings

A weird thing about humans: I spoke to this lady multiple times and if my life depended on it I couldn't tell you her name but her dogs were named Rayne and Burke.

FG: My key poked a hole in my pants. Do you want to take a picture for your dumb blog?

Drive-by pic of a church building in Roswell

Why are water towers near old airfields and military bases often red checked? 

Sunrise as viewed from the tent

Same but more glary.

Why so far away mountain?

There- that looks better.

Aaaaaah- too close mountain. Personal space! Get out of my face would you?!

Mud flats

are flat and muddy.

You think you found a real Army-Navy store but instead, you find disappointment and missed/disregarded opportunities for the owner to make a lot more money and have an interesting landmark that would draw people from near and far but yeah- go visit anyway when in Roswell.

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