Tuesday, December 23, 2014

You Feelin' Alight? I'm Not Feelin' Too Good Myself

because Joe Cocker is dead at the age of death which in his case is 70 of our Earth years.


The Donald said...

Mere months after arriving to Wien, Österreich in the early/mid '70s, we were at the American International School (I was in junior high at the time), where on Friday and Saturday nights, they would screen films from the Armed Services network, presumably after they'd made the rounds of U.S. bases in Europe.

Eine particular Nacht, my parents drove from our quaint medieval village to the Schule am Salmansdorfer Straße, that evening showing Mad Dogs & Englishmen. Not 20 minutes in to the film, my folks, not so much the rock-n-rollers, nor endeared to Mr. Cocker's convulsive stage presence, announced that we were leaving.

While there are many movies in my life I may have dozed through, I think that's the only one I've ever walked out on.

True story.

The Donald said...

Coda - The "theatre" where films were shown was Mr. Johnson's music class/practice hall during the school week (I can still picture him teaching us June is Busting Out All Over and Morning Has Broken). Later that semester, our Social Studies class watched a documentary film there about the Holocaust atrocities, afterward meeting Mr. Simon Wiesenthal on the patio outside.

el chupacabra said...

COOL story is what that is! I walked out out on The Great Outdoors.