Monday, December 22, 2014

Monday's Missives

  • This morning (07/10/2014) in traffic as I inched along my neck hunched over to relieve pressure on my back, my visors down to keep the light from making my stress headache any worse I looked over and saw a contemporary in the same posture in a similar pickup. Here is what was going through our minds: I am 49 years old and what have I accomplished? I drive this same road to same job and it is the same everyday. I am drowning in sameness. If I had driven straight outta town for the same miles from the time I first started this commute years ago I could circled the globe what- 20 times!? I have worked like a dog since I was 12 and what have I got ? A failed marriage, a girlfriend half my age that is running me ragged, a bad back, a bum knee, a stack of bills... I am the mama hog with not enough teats for the piglets and the ones I get to and do my best for never thank me. As I was looking over he glanced up and gave me a meek, knowing and genuine smile.
  • In that moment we became if not blood brothers since no fluids were exchanged we became road brothers.
  • As I lie dying I want to apologize to my kids for a couple of things but also ask them if they remember a couple of things like I do then I'll be OK come what may and so will they.
  • I saw a video this morning of a Mexican guy who had given up in our southern badlands after he said he had no water for 3 days. That would have been at the upper limit of what the body can tolerate for the heat and humidity there at this time of year (early July) and he looked way too good for that to be true. It is just something I took note of- doesn't mean anything.
  • Two things I would like to do before I die- run with the bulls in Pamploma and go to the Glastonbury Music Festival.
  • I watched the running live for I guess the first time in my life this year.
  • Here, watch a video for The Cure's Lullaby.
  • Choose love.


Katy Anders said...

I don't think anybody probably feels any better in their life assessments. I mean, even if you're Alexander the Great or something, the Sun is eventually just going to go into nova and swallow up the Earth and all of human culture eventually.

Incidentally, the girlfriend half your age is considered a win in most books. Not mine - it would make the gf less than 15 years old - but still.

Oh, and if Jenny McCarthy isn't a real doctor, then I need to figure out what she's been prescribing me...

The Donald said...

To Kateskin's point:

Jesus Christ, Fanny Brice
Wolfie Mozart and Humphrey Bogart
And Genghis Khan
And on to H. G. Wells


E. A. Poe, Henri Rousseau
Sholom Aleichem and Caryl Chessman
Alan Freed and Buster Keaton too

And each one there
Has one thing to share
They have sweated beneath the same sun
Looked up in wonder at the same moon
And wept when it was all done
For bein' done too soon

- N. Diamond

If Jen Mac can't be my doctor, can she at least be my nurse?

The Donald said...

Rec'd my Winter 2014 issue of the North Texan yesterday, featuring a nice article about the English prof who started - in anno domini 1963 - the Folk Music Club in the faculty lounge of the NTSU Auditorium Bldg. Original members included the late Steve Fromholz, Michael Murphey, and Patti Lohman Brooks (the Mike Murphey Trio, patterned on PP&M).

The campus club disbanded a couple of years later, but still continued to influence other NTSU students music careers, including B. W. Stevenson and RWH, who, like Murph, also graduated from Oak Cliff's W.H. Adamson HS ('67 and '63). (A former W'ford mayor, and later U.S. Speaker of the House graduated from the same HS in '39, but little is known of his musicality.)