Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Wednesday's Digressions

  • When you say, I don't play games- you've already lost as life is a game. It doesn't mean you act like an idiot or be reckless with other peoples feelings and rights but yeah, if you have mentally punched out and refuse to play the game you will lose.
  • Yes I know I may  have said things in the past to the effect of the above bullet point. In this case it is best to risk being repetitive as this is one of those lessons I learned on my own, most people it seems haven't learned it yet and once you figure out it is true and apply it to your life- it can change everything.
  • I first heard this song in a discotheque in Bad Hersfeld Germany.
  • At a table somebody put a German chick's purse behind another soldier as a prank. He was oblivious to it so didn't act like everybody else and make a big show of looking for it and was  surprised  when she pulled it out from behind him. She slapped him. He slapped her back. He went to jail for a long time. Honestly- he was basically the only innocent in the scenario and he went to prison and his career was over.
  • I wish I could remember his name. I hope he is OK and his life is good. Anyway, it is rare anything good comes from a place where alcohol is the main product sold.
  • His case will never be forgotten by me as we were ordered to not interact with him when he came back to the unit to out-process and be taken into custody at  the prison. He and I were not buddies but friendly. He lit up when I came into the orderly room and tried to engage me as he sat cuffed in front of the First Sergeant's desk. I ignored him. I ignored him. It is one the few times in my life that when I recall it I am ashamed to be a human being.
  • Big Johns in Weatherford 'Murica
  • I found this take on Power Rangers literally and inexplicably fascinating- Heavy Rangers.
  • At a lot of the county govenrment offices that are non health department related they frequently have blood drives. They literally never have them at the health department. That seems odd but really I guess we give enough. You're not taking our blood too I suppose.
  • A couple of days ago (today is 11/14/2014) I took a sword in hock for somebody needing cash. Yes, I can now say I have owned a two handed broadsword. It is looking cool over my mantle but I hope they get it out of hock from me.
  • There is in the news today a lady who is appealing a billion dollar divorce settlement. Literally. Crazy. Vengeance is mine sayeth the divorced woman,.
  • A billion dollars is not enough.
  • A billion dollars.
  • .
  • Here, have a picture of Richard Nixon pummeling a sabre toothed tiger with brass knuckles.
  • I could have guessed an aquaintence was attracted to me but couldn't have been sure until I bumped into her and her husband. She turned red and nearly swallowed her tongue. It looked like she was going to have a seizure. She then put her head down and physically guided him away to avoid our meeting up. Honey, may I humbly suggest you never stray and jump the fence? If you didn't call and confess on the way home (which would be most likely), you would be busted as soon as you walk into the house. You would look guilty.
  • Lulz.

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