Monday, December 8, 2014

Mondays Missives

Besides straining a fly through a swatter is there anything more satisfying than murdering a mosquito after you catch it robbing you of your blood?
  • Today (07/12/2014) I gave up on the stereo install and went to my local Best Buy to schedule them finishing it. He told me to come back at 6:00. Less than 10 minutes later I called back to change my mind about a service he offered which I initially declined which would add over a 100 bucks to the bill. The guy I spoke to when I called back said he didn't know what I was talking about and 6 o'clock was the time they close. I hung up on him. 
  • I won't go back- no, probably never. There is no reason to- I'll order from Crutchfield and the gear will come to my door, for tech questions somebody will Email me hand drawn schematics and for the installs I'll man up and figure stuff out myself.

  • 40 million: the number of tons of concrete the Germans used to build the Atlantic Wall- from Norway to the South of France.
  • There is a place in California on a beach that is protected due to jewel glass- just old broken glass that has been there long enough to have polished smooth by the sand and wave action working together. People like to take the glass for jewelry, arts and crafts. That has always made me wonder- there has to be somebody somewhere who has set out tons of the stuff elsewhere to let nature take it's course and hope to profit from it later. 
  • And a connected thought: a literal pile of garbage has the weight of the US government behind it for protection. There are people who can't say that with confidence.
  • Initially Gene Hackman was supposed to direct and possibly star in Silence of the Lambs. This would have ruined it before it got off the ground however, Daniel Day Lewis was also considered for the role of Lecter- interesting.
  • A head scratcher: have you ever wondered why if the dollar is going to be worthless in the impending apocalypse as predicted by the doomsday preppers  they are so determined to get as many of yours as they can in exchange for their gold?
  • Dead Kennedy's Night of the Living Rednecks

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