Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Wednesday's Digressions

Azteks have  a perennial place of honor on every list of worst cars ever made however, you just nearly never see them that don't look like new- and a new one hasn't been made in nearly ten years. They are loved.
  • People close to Robin Williams have reported they were hopeful for his future as he had started trying to do things he had previously enjoyed but had left behind for a long time. As I recall he had started reading and watching television after not doing so for months due to depression. In the past I have heard friends and family of a person who killed themselves take note of the decedent recently taking up an old hobby or pastime as evidence they didn't kill themselves as in, Hey, it is obvious somebody killed him as he just took up golf again. He loved golf! Why would he kill himself he was finally back to doing something he loved? Those things become a last ditch effort for a depressed person- when nothing else works and they don't want to return to drinking alcohol or other drugs. When there is no joy left in something they loved and know made them happy in the past they feel there is nothing left and so, they kill themselves.
  • Everyone is capable of killing themselves. I'll be the rare person to just be honest and say I know I could but there is also a reason why I would be very, very unlikely to do so.
    It looks fancy and pretty  but it is a cheap instant coffee- literal swill.
  • Last night (11/22/2014) I went to Bakers for a chopped sammie and then drove around to McDonald's for a large order of their amazing French fries.
  • America- what a country.
  • They serve something at Baker's called a Sloppy Spud. That sounds like a perverted sex act. I intend to try it at my earliest possible convenience (the food product-not a perverted sex act).
    I hung this Inova flashlight from my pack. One of the kids threw a pillow at the gear gear pile causing the brand new light to literally disintegrate. Ridiculous.
  • There are a lot more black people in Weatherford than there were a few years ago.
    Pretty cool old car. It wouldn't be my first choice for a hot rod but I can dig it.


    That is one messed up grill homeboy. Get yourself to a dentist yo!
  • I'm trying a reusable cup for the Keurig. It is a metal and plastic contraption you put coffee grounds into. It is a little troublesome but a lot cheaper. After I make a cup of fresh delicious caffeinated beverage I dump the used grounds into a planter on the porch. Recently (today is 11/27/2014) I stepped out onto the porch wrapped in a towel to dump the grounds into said planter. FG's dumb cats took advantage of the cracked door and bolted causing me to have to try and get them back in the house. Taking advantage of my semi-nude weakness they evaded me with amazing agility. The towel fell away. Somehow I caught it with one hand and was able to mostly cover my hiney by holding the towel against my lower back while simultaneously reaching down and catching one of the Satanic beasts with the other hand. Then I was able to corral the other with my foot and shove it back toward the door as the normally not too vocal vermin meowed and hissed and spit all the way. Help! Hey look this naked freak is kicking cats up in here! Help! Meow! Meowww...
  • Yes, I have herded cats naked- hasn't everybody?
    The first pumpkin I ever carved. No, really- the first ever. We found it a couple of days after Halloween 2014 on the banks of the Trinity.

    He will haunt your soooooul. Muwahhahaha! 

    He made a big splash as he left our lives forever.

    Rollin', rollin', rollin' on the river...

    Thug Goose says, Whats up you orange freak!? I think you're in the wrong hood homes.


Katy Anders said...

There are worse things in the world than dying. Or rather, there are worse things than being dead. The dying itself can suck, so far as I can tell.

I have a houseful of people currently relying on me, however, so I'm not going anywhere.

el chupacabra said...

Hi Kate- Yes, I agree with your first thought and relate to the second.