Thursday, December 18, 2014

Thursday's Thoughts

The most ambitious thing the moron who did this will do in his entire life.
  • "  Who is scared of legal marijuana? Alcohol and tobacco companies, police forces, private prisons and anyone else who makes money off it staying illegal." was the tagline for an article I saw recently (today is 12/03/2014). I do not care if you think all marijuana users should be lined up a against a wall and shot or the use should be mandatory, you cannot rationally argue the headlines point and if you have any inellectual honesty you have to know the truth of it is a problem- a big, huge stinking problem for us.
  • Nope, I do not touch the stuff.
    I don't know how this stand of bamboo got on Fort Richardson. They probably call it the, Bamboo Grove (or if they didn't- they do now).

    Vietcongs up in here setting panji traps for our boys. Lowlife commies.

  • This day (12/04/2014) started with Jeff Buckley singing Hallelujah. There may be be better ways to start a day but I'm not aware of too many- at least as far as music goes.
  • Last nights dreams were all about reconciliation- sweet reconciliation and forgiveness.
  • I hereby apologize for all the damage done.
    If a person thought they need shoes to get someplace- how do they not think they need them to get back to where they started? What changed? Why is there so often only one shoe? Maybe they thought, Crocs are really nasty and gross. I'll wear one and hop on that foot so the other can air out.

    The first thing I thought was, Huh, that might make an OK grill. Then I realized it was aluminum and thought- How has somebody not jacked it yet to sell for scrap?

    Jacksboro Lake is thisty.

    Boulder boo-boo.
  • Homeade chili on a leftover loaded baked potato from Logan's- its whats for lunch.
  • Recently for a lunch thing at work one of my work buddies brought a gallon of very nice homeade salsa for his contribution. The following day he brought chips assuming there had to be plenty left. That assumption may have been his only mistake for the day but he was wrong on that point at least. Somebody had jacked every ounce that was left and the container he brought it in. Man- come on people, you know better than that. Didn't your momma raise you any better?
  • After my mom died my sister gave me bags of mom's Tupperware as I didn't have any at all at my place. I couldn't wash the cigarette smoke smell out of them and ended up chunking them.
  • It struck me as odd at first glance why British people like Jeff Buckley so much but also made sense when I listened to all of his only album but I cannot tell why that is true to me.
  • Something that makes no sense to me: why all printer feed trays do not hold a full ream of paper.
    Crud at Fort Richardson exposed by erosion. The clear piece is from a mug. You could see the air inclusions from the manufacturing process in it. The piece on the right is milk glass. 


Katy Anders said...

There are a LOT of people who still have a kind of Reefer Madness mentality, including some people who have grown up since the Seventies, which doesn't make any sense.

But yes: Criminalized pot keeps the criminal justice industry in business.

I saw Jeff Buckley live when I was 9. My dad brought me to his concert (it was basically a bar, so I'm not sure how I was let in, in retrospect). He was wandering around while the opening act (Soul Coughing) was playing, and we got him to sign a poster we tore off the wall.

I think that was the only actual tour he ever did.

The Donald said...

Arumirum origami.

Charlie infiltrated Jackistan? Say it isn't so!