Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Wednesday's Digressions

Our Christmas tree angel

looks awfully serene for where the tree is about to be shoved.
  • 11/22/2014 @0724 and the rain is coming in waves. It would probably be really great if it did this for a month.
  • Maybe I shouldn't but I like Mr. Pickles.
    My son bought this snake at Fort Richardson State Park as one of his souvenirs. It looks derpy to me.
  • There is a possibility the passenger pigeon will be genetically resurrected. The scientist heading the effort seems literally obsessed. Although I don't see them going berserk and leaving the confines of the park after eating all the guests but there will have to be unintended consequences- disease, displacement of extant species... Human persecution is always presented as the cause of their demise. I have a little bit of a tough time believing that if the reports of their numbers were correct- they could have all been killed by human deviltry and awfulness. Habitat loss?! They were pigeons and as such wouldn't have been too finicky about where they slept or what they ate and I can guess they bred more/less like pigeons. How could people have killed every. single. one. of them? My guess is it was a complex combination of things.  It would be cool to have them back though.
    Entering Poolville

  • If money was no object I would be the possessor of a world record that is sooo ridiculous I won't even share it here privately with you- my best friend whom I trust like no other in the whole wide internets but yes, I would try it if the effort killed me (and it might).
  • Dumb and Dumber To looks terrible and is supposed to be bad- really, really bad and that is disappointing. 
  • Whites are stupid and lame and blacks cool and awesome: the conclusion an alien would reach if he watched American television commercials and a lot of sitcoms for anything more than 9 minutes. If all they watched were police procedurals they would guess all blacks to be criminals or street wise detectives. If they watched movies they would be sure all white people are clueless to what a gift being white is and that black people are wise prophets (if not actually God himself).
    This tree had to be alive when soldiers were stationed at Fort Richardson. It is easy to imagine them crossing Lost Creek to snack on some sweet, sweet Texas pecans.

    Beavers everywhere

    A poorly conceived element to Fort Richardson SP. This table is at the head of a trail that leads to a peninsula. Its presence forces people to walk to either side causing erosion of the banks. Also, if  people are using the table users of the trail would be forced to walk by practically on top of the picnickers.  From a design standpoint if the table wasn't there the trail would have an inviting sense of welcome to explore but instead- there is a big clunky table separating us from nature.

  • I want to do something so God-pure and churchnificant... a line from the The Heartshe Holler I just heard in the background.

    FG's latest tattoo designs for me. Good grief
  • Recently from almost always come out form when I type.
  • At work I have to type, "complaints" a lot, as in an average of 10 times a day. Over the past several months 100% of the time it comes out compliants (as it honestly did in the last sentence) and it only gets corrected when prompted by my spell check.
  • I am probably developing an early form of dementia.
  • Retarded Tests
    Found during our last road trip-

    yeah champ- I'd call that up to code. Its all good.


RPM said...

I wasn't a fan of the original Dumb and Dumber but I watched it to see Lauren Holly. Looks like you watch as much Adult Swim as I do.

el chupacabra said...

Ah yeah.