Monday, December 29, 2014

Monday's Missives

  • If you see an old peeps types car and it is all over the road ahead of you don't assume they're drunk or having a diabetic crisis- they're probably just like 90% of the other morons on the road- texting. They just have more trouble pulling off doing both.
  • A woman this morning (06/23/2014) nearly sideswiped me while she was putting her make up on. She didn't miss a stroke and in fact did not acknowledge my existence at all and she did it while travelling in excess of 80 mph and driving with her knee.
  • Israel struck 9 different targets in Syria last night. It was retaliation for a strike  originating in Syria against a civilian vehicle
  • Instead of, An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth Israels motto seems to be, I'll gouge out both your eyes for my eye and break all your teeth out for my tooth and maybe that isn't a bad way to conduct yourself in that neighborhood.

  • Fiberglass and aluminum canoes are fine- they really are as mid range materials go but if I could choose, I would always opt for the extremes of space age Kevlar or handcrafted cedar strip wood.
  • It may have happened but I do not recall anybody that has seen RATM live not tell me it was the best concert they ever saw and that RATM were better live than studio recordings.
  • Unsolicited car advice for the day: When it is time to replace your wiper blades buy the Rain-X brand. Before you replace them clean the windshield with Invisible Glass- get it hyper clean. Finish by rubbing the windshield down with a paper towel that has a high quality silicone spray lube fogged across it. The wipers may last you for years and bug guts will not hardly stick to the windshield much less dust which you will see literally roll of the glass as the silicone also protects against static charge and water will not even think of sticking- it will instantly ball up and shoot off the glass as soon as it hits
  • It took years and an open minded program director but my clinic has opened overtime slots for nurses to run the evening clinic. It costs a small fortune to train nurses who will inevitably cite needing more money as the reason why they leave a year or two later so yeah- pretty smart.
  • I am thinking about taking an Iraqi patient fishing and sharing our great nation-state of Texas with him.
  • It will be a major disappointment and shock if this isn't a great war film.


RPM said...

I heard a DJ in Washington, DC called The Greaseman do a bit on women driving while putting on make-up, reading the paper and steering with their knee while eating a Bavarian Cream doughnut. It was the 80's so no cellphones or texting or that would have been thrown in there. It was a seriously funny bit.

Your film link just leads to IMDB. I assume it's the Chris Kyle film.

The Donald said...

I agree with you on the Rain-X wipers. Installed some several months ago and have generally been pleased with them.

Many many moons ago, Andy Rooney dissed the Rain-X because they'd sent him some swag. I liked AR, but occasionally he'd get his nose out of joint on some issue or another. My experience with the Rain-X and a similar product is that they essential perform as advertised.

The Donald said...

* essentially