Wednesday, December 17, 2014

I'm Home

sick. Too bad you aren't also we could hang hang out. No, wait, I don't mean too bad you're not sick also- just here with me. I wouldn't want you to be sick. Although I guess if you were sick it would be OK too. We could take care of each other. I can make an awesome grilled cheese and I think there is canned tomato soup. No, wait- I ate it.
Do you eat or drink soup? I'm never quite sure. If you could go get us tomato soup I think I would have the strength to make the rest. Then I would need a nap.
We could pick a movie that good is enough to watch but not so good we would let it keep up from sleep's sweet release.
If we started American Horror Story we would have scary fever-break sweat dreams.
Am I rambling?

Nyquil is a heckuva drug.


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