Saturday, December 13, 2014

Saturday's Situation

  • When the Austin police officer  shot the nut shooting up Austin in November he did so with a pistol shot- from 312 feet away. Did I mention he used a one handed stance? No? And why would he do that you ask? Oh- because he was holding the reins of a couple of horses.
  • My guess is the black guy in the Storm Trooper uniform from the Force Awakens trailer will actually be a good guy and is using it as a ruse to escape the Empire. It may even be part of a back story for Lando Calrissian.
  • The Christmas In The Park thing was nice in Weatherford America last night but man, soooo many people for the space and activities. We left without doing much besides eating ice cream. There were a couple hundred people in line for every activity. It was a just a sea of humanity- people aimlessly bumping into other people. I was nervous about it when I heard at work (in Fort Worth) that people were hearing about it on the radio and considering going.
  • I may give up and go to an urgent care clinic this morning. Seasonal allergies are beating me down. Over the counter products aren't cutting it and I have thrown everything at the symptoms but the kitchen sink- pseudoephedrine, diphenhidramine, Nyquil, loratadine... My heart can't decide whether to slow down and stop or explode.
  • First World problems.
  • Legos are OK enough but even as a kid they really didn't blow my skirt up that much. I preferred Erector and Lincoln Log sets. My guess is there is actually something in how people are wired as to which they would prefer- Lego verses Erector and you could predict traits of the two groups based on their preferences.


RPM said...

Now that's how cops are supposed to shoot. Not spray and pray from 20ft.

Honestly, I never liked Leggos until I watched the movie. Now I think they are awesome.

el chupacabra said...

Hey R- Yep- and word on the street is it was single shot and it the guy center mass.

Katy Anders said...

The black storm trooper has to at least be related to Lando. As far as I can tell, Lando is the only black guy in the Star Wars universe.

I hated Legos. And they are so much more popular now. It's great that the kids are doing something not involving tech, but... Legos? Can't it be something I can step on with less associated pain?

The Donald said...

I didn't see Legos until I was about 13 - grew up with Lincoln Logs (coming back to the USA!) and Erector set (no, I will not take a swing at that slow pitch...).