Monday, December 1, 2014

Monday's Missives

I know- what was I thinking?! Why didn't you stop me?
  • Recently it seems like every other South of the border foreign born person whom I see in my office will answer 1,2 or 4 months when I ask them how long they've been here. Except for refugees I cannot recall that happening- ever. Also, there is a huge number of people on Medicaid who would have been self paid in the past.
  • What we understand to be liberalism is easy-nobody wants to say no. We are the crazy cat lady whose downfall is she can't say no. The strays she brings in will be the end of her.
  • The nation was founded by immigrants! some people like to scream. Who will finally say, So. What?! Where in the world is that not true?  Regardless, now is not then and vice versa.
  • I weep for the species.

  • My new stereo gear came in from Crutchfields. It will be awesome. You'll have to go for a cruise with me sometime. 
  • Today I read Johnny Manziel has said he isn't going to quit partying saying, I'm not going to change for anybody. That guy is his own worst enemy and doesn't even know it. I cannot understand peoples interest in him- really I don't get the draw.
  • There has been some freak out going on over President Obama's supposed lackadaisical attitude toward  a former Marine being held in Mexican jail. People are asking, Why doesn't he do something? I am sure he is but these kind of things have to be kept on the down low as the Mexicans have the upper hand- every time they ask for clemency for a Mexican national our government wants to kill we gleefully kill away and ignore official and public government requests from the government of our nearest South of the border neighbor. Also, although I know nothing about that Marine's case there is a presumption of his innocence in America that may be misplaced. Also we should put ourselves in the Mexican's sandals- there have been a couple different former Marines and/or soldiers involved in criminal activity there in the very recent past.

  • Last night (06/27/2014) I played Putt-Putt for the first time in so long I have no clear recall of the last time and have only flashes of disjointed memories which may all be from the same experience or even different times. 
  • My adult son is a very smart, good looking guy with all my good qualities and few of my bad. In short, he is better than me and is so in spite of me and I'm OK with that. His work ethic and outlook is so out of tune with his age that people who know him go out of their way and do so often to meet me and see what makes me tick. They seem to think they would like to know me.
  • He is a natural born leader who does a very dangerous job in far away places and I like that. He is being groomed to be a lead in the oil patch in Nigeria and is just coming off deep sea work in the Gulf Of Mexico. When all he has left are memories and stories he will have plenty of each to carry him through.


Katy Anders said...

West Africa. West Africa probably wasn't founded by immigrants, although the earlier hominids probably would have told you that they controlled a certain valley before those damn humans (homo sapiens sapiens) showed up.

So far as the dude in the Mexican jail goes... I always assume with that sort of thing that I might not be privy to all of the things going on behind the scenes.

Oh, and a good car stereo is always worth it. I drive an ancient van that only works about 1/3 of the time, but the stereo sounds great. Priorities.

el chupacabra said...

Katy- Yep, good point and I think you of all people could guess I was overstating my point- to make make my point.

With a different spin the Neanderthal (Neander Valley) peeps come to mind.