Monday, December 15, 2014

Monday's Missives

  • In 2008 USS George Washington known in the Navy as GW caught fire causing 70 million dollars in damage and injuring 20 plus sailors. It was the result of cigarette smoking in a unauthorized area. It would be hard to convince me cigarettes don't cause double the known costs to our economy and the known costs are astronomical.
  • Dead Kennedys Viva Las Vegas
  • Her arms are crossed over her chest, so while you can't see it- assume she is looking down her nose at me and I'm in trouble bad
  • Here, listen to Kraftwerk The Robots
  • The cycle fever is burning brightly and I'm afraid I'm going to break bad and buy some type of sport bike or power cruiser.
  • With the gas savings it will practically pay for itself!
  • I'm practicing for the impending argument with FG.
  • We tried Fish Creek restaraunt. Not impressed. It stank. We didn't eat seafood but of those that did around us it smelled like stale oil. Our server was terrible. She literally sighed and started tapping her order book when FG passed the ordering back to me. As an old friend once said, You put enough spices on it and drink enough alcohol with it you could make a rotten moose gallbladder edible enough. We don't drink though.
  • Fungus amongus
  • An ultimatum has been pronounced. I have until November 30 to put up or shut up, get with the program, put out or get out... Immediately my shoulder Merle starting singing this song in my ear.
  • Yes, I have a shoulder Merle- doesn't everybody?
  • Fellow diner at Fish Creek
  • Don't ask me what is up with these giant pics- I didn't do anything any different.
  • Oh, wait. That is right- I did send them large size to my Email as an experiment.
  • Edit: pictures fixed.
  • I don't want to overstate this- but I wouldn't be so proud as to put my name on it.

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The Donald said...

That is my absolute fav Hag song - but a lousy rendition of it. Tempo is too fast and over-produced.

But I'm glad your shoulder Merle was singing it.

This one's probably about the same tempo, but stripped to guitar and vocal only: