Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wednesday's Digressions

  • When I see the terms, "creamy" and "all the fixins" on a menu it nauseates me.

  • First world problems...

  • I hope when it's my time to die, I can do it with a certain amount of grace- if not style.

  • I love gravy.

  • After explaining a bank account to Zac by giving examples in ascending order of value things that he could have by saving, he seemed to get it and was totally down with the idea. I think soon I'll start an account for him, let him sign the paperwork and take him in once a week to make a deposit.

  • I'm On Fire


Paxford said...

Awwww a BBC Top Gear Tshirt :) [I send the "original & best" UK versions to some of my adoptees - only a few really cotton to the humour. Such a shame]


RPM said...

You need to get Zac a Stig suit.

The Donald said...

But not 'creamy' gravy?