Tuesday, February 14, 2012


There's a cat in this pic.

  • I have no independent recall of why this is true, but this song has always reminded me of one of my Army buddies who was from Fort Wayne Indiana.

  • My local library has always had a problem with knuckleheads thinking the trash at the door is a book drop. Get rid of the trash can you say? They'll stack their trash at the doorway. Put a sign on the can, This Is Not A Book Drop and I bet people would only see Book Drop and throw even more books away. The staff just has to check it every day.

  • My friend took all his children to a drive in theater last night for the first time ever.

  • There's a lot of homeless people in Weatherford for a town of its size I think.

  • Walnut Street in Weatherford was first known as Sick Street. The name was changed in 1876. I like Sick Street better.

  • Thanks for tuning in to the Caturday! edition of The Weatherford Files N More.

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