Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday's Dispatch

  • My children all like foods and drinks I dislike and dislike some of both I love. Interestingly, they all love breads and cheeses of all kinds and love trying new types of both.

  • Maybe I did something right.

  • As a child we went to family reunions that were really a reunion of people from a dying community- although many people were related. I think often of all those wild kids I played with, wonder how they are and hope the best for them. The building we met in was of sandstone construction and had swamp cooler air conditioners. We would take the sides off the AC and splash water on ourselves to cool down and when our parents could slow us down for 5 seconds we'd eat pecan pie and drink Kool Aid like there was no tomorrow and head back out to play again.

  • It's funny- there really was no tomorrow.

  • I've talked a little about this before, but in recent years past we've had entire multi state regions go without water and we're talking about lunar colonies?! God, we're dumb. I mean, we are our own worst enemies. I mean really- holy smokes we're stupid.

  • I walked along the avenue. I never thought I'd meet a girl like you.


Kathleen... said...

Stupidity....LOL! Ever read 'The Prize?' It's a gawd-awfully long book on the history of oil....and every war ever crafted due to the acquisition of oil.

The food bit made me recall a conversation of yesterday. A kid I adore (not one of mine) was asking about my seafood preferences. I explained my dislike for shrimp, lobster and crawfish...whereupon she exclaimed, "Oh, well yeah! That's trash food. Like roaches from water." Love that kid. She speaks my language. =)

Cheese. Is. The. Bomb. Bread too...but Atkins keeps me away from it. [sigh]

el chupacabra said...

Kathleen- Ha, "like roaches from water"?!
I will read that book. I'll look for it tomorrow at the library.
To be filed under people ARE weird: I love shrimp and lobster although I will not touch a crayfish with a 10 foot pole...

Kathleen... said...

It's a very interesting book....let me know what you think? And be's 800someodd pages. One lady in our book club cut it in half so as to minimize its weight affect upon her air travel. ;-)

AND, I forced myself to finish it [didn't want to be the only loser who packed it in]. Hmmph. I was the ONLY loser who finished it? lol Worth it's stuck w/me.