Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday's Dispatch

  • Last night Zac and I had dinner at Playa Maya. Zac continues to impress with ability to eat spicy foods. He genuinely likes it- he just wipes the sweat off his forehead and goes back for more.

  • Saw a couple I see around frequently. She wore a wig, had permanent makeup and had been Botoxed so much her face was essentially paralysed. He wears a cheap, ridiculous looking hairpiece and I think eyeliner. While his face was not quite as paralytic as hers, his face knows the sting of the needle as well. They just sat and stared expressionlessly at each other.

  • A couple sat side by side in a booth behind us. That always seems awkward to me and likely counterproductive to what the guy is trying to accomplish.

  • Anyway, thank you for tuning in to, People Watching At La Playa Maya.

  • I made a flatulescent sound last night while Zac and I were joking around after we got back home. He said, You. Are. Nasty.

  • Flatulescent is hi lited by my spellcheck.

  • I just ate a miniature Three Musketeers bar. The wrapper was labelled Fun Size! It lies- if it were all that fun it would have weighed a pound and a half.


Opus #6 said...

Someday Zac will realize. Everybody is nasty. And nice. To varying degrees.

Kathleen... said...

LOL at "fun size."

Boys, boys, boys.

Re: people watching....I don't understand the side by side thing. I like to look at the person I'm with. And [snicker] the BeeStung Couple? Too funny.

Sidenote: I always want to ask women who nip/tuck/overdo themselves, "Don't you know that you're announcing to the world that YOU didn't think YOU were pretty 'enough?'" It's A) sad, and B) esteem counterproductive, I think. JMO