Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday's Dispatch

  • If you see a white woman who is really to old to have hickeys on her neck, but her neck is covered with them, there's essentially a 100% chance her boyfriend/hubby/significant other is a much younger Hispanic guy.

  • Zac is contentedly playing with a jar of buttons that were my moms and a jar of marbles that were mine as a boy- simple pleasures.

  • He refers to the state park as the United States Park.

  • A friend works at our breakfast place. She fairly often takes a break and eats with us. This has prompted him to invite waitresses at other places to sit and eat with us.

  • We may finally have a winter.

  • If I was fabulously wealthy I'd: own a ridiculous number of pairs of custom cowboy boots.

  • Float On


RPM said...

Zac = Jedi wingman. The force is strong with this one.

Kathleen... said...

OMG....Zac is definitely your Wing Man! That's so funny/cute.

And I love hearing that he plays w/your marbles. My Kids are fascinated by my old childhood marble collection. I find it all over the place...marbles are awesome.

I've kept my Grandma's button collection (for sewing purposes). Mostly because I can't stand to get rid of her treasures...or the memories of playing w/them for hours as a child. =)

What a messed up pic.

tammy said...

Laughing at the hickey comment. So true!

If I were fabulously wealthy, I'm sure there are quite a few collections I'd have.

Kathleen... said...

I forgot to mutter a "ga-ross!" with regards to hickeys. Disgusting at ANY age. Blech.

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