Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Clinically Speaking

  • I'm going to get one of my contacts in the radiology underworld to X Ray my hand. The other day at work I bumped it on a door knob. Now the first joint of my pinkie finger is swollen, crooked, hurts like a dog and feels crunchy when I move it.

  • It's tough getting old. Really- I wasn't ready for how breakable I have gotten.

  • Recently while walking toward the break room I heard people laughing and somebody said, What did Kevin say? He told them... and then as I passed I heard everybody crack up again.

  • That was a good feeling.

  • We have a chart for checking peoples vision that is a series of the letter E of varying sizes. Some face to the right, some to the left, some down etc. An illiterate patient can then point 3 fingers (imitating the 3 bars of the letter) in the way of the E they see on the chart.

  • We take a lot for granted here I think.

  • I have seen a tribal person from Vietnam not be able to identify the color orange by name. Interestingly she correctly said to the effect, I don't know the name of the color, but it looks like a cross between yellow and red.

  • When I see a patient getting perturbed at their wait and I know my nursing buddy is about to see the patient, I inquire about their wait time, apologise profusely and then say so my buddy can hear it, I'm sorry sir- I'll assign one of my best nurses to your case. She'll be with you soon.

  • Yeah, that's the kind of stuff I do- it never gets old.

  • Just ask me.

  • Your Patient Is Dead


RPM said...

I hear ya on the getting breakable. I've got several knuckles that I've broken over the years and they still hurt.

On the bright side, I've become good at predicting weather changes.

Kathleen... said...

"Doctor, your patient is dead." <---LOL

I haven't broken anything recently, but man, going up and down stairs? [Snap, Crackle, Pop!] So....anyway.....