Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Wednesday's Digressions

They're apparently redoing (as of this 12/10/2014 posting) the pavilion at Sunshine Lake. Good, it needs some help.

  • There are not too many pieces of equipment that I don't have at least  some hands on familiarity with but I've never had the satisfaction of feeding limbs or brush to a chipper-shredder. Man, really that must be a cool feeling.
  • As I recall I have only been to two or three Back Friday sales and one was accidental. Once I went into a Best Buy and realizing it was Black Friday (although it was late in the day) I asked if there was by any chance any deals left on a 55 inch panel TV.  Suppressing  a grin the associate turned to an inventory guy as he walked by and to humor me asked and to the first guys shock the inventory dude said, Yeah, we have two- one over there and one in back. 
  • Score!
    These little caps from Kool-Aid bottles freak me out.  At first glance they seem unnecessarily busy and involved for the simple task they perform (hold a liquid in and be easy to tear off), then you see the genius in it's functionality. A question: is the tiny bit of Kool Aid in the them the most refreshing and delicious thing ever or is it just me?
  • It is 0617 on 11/29/2014 and I have two sad stories from my Dreamscape last night:  In one an old friend materialized in a barn showing me some farm equipment and animals. He was dressed in old school 13MWZ Wrangler jeans  and an outdated shirt and hat. He was trapped in the early 90s (which would follow- he has been dead since the early 90s). I tried to gently guide him toward some newer more stylish brands such as Cinch. He was patiently bemused. I let it drop and decided to hang out and enjoy the company. He had an aura around him making me assume even in the dream some part of me knew he was dead. We walked around and just enjoyed the time together. In another a family member made an appearance. She and her husband had tried to have a baby for a long time and then adopted a newborn. She had a heart attack sometime later and had to have a heart transplant. Years afterward she was in a motor vehicle accident. She died in surgery after losing her arm in the wreck. Anyway, in absolute terror, I entered the room in where I knew she would be as I presumed her arm would be gone. I couldn't breathe. When I turned the corner she was whole and complete and fussing over the baby while changing his diaper. She looked at me and smiled. She glowed. She had the same aura as Ricky. I turned around and walked outside and burst into tears. My heart broke.
    This retaining wall at Fort Richardson has a nice dry stack look to it- nice.
  • In another life I had a job requiring me to be out of town for extended periods- a lot. When I came home once there were underwear in my drawer that did not belong to me. Having a sense of humor I dropped them in front of the woman I was spending time with and said, I'm presuming there is quite a story behind these. I'm all ears.  I, I, I, I... Those, those... Those are yours! she stammered She never fessed up and in fact had the ovary-icles to put them back in my underwear drawer. There were 3 pair. As I left her I hid one under a dresser, shoved one in the back of a bathroom cabinet drawer and put the other in one of her purses in the closet for her to find as time went by,
  • Thats my story and I'm sticking to it was her motto and yeah, she was consistent if nothing else- I'll give her that.
  • A funny connected thought: Since I recently got a bunch of old clothing out of storage I would nearly bet you could drag a shirt out that I wouldn't recognize. A shirt is a very visible item whose appearance would be reinforced throughout a day making it burn into your memory but there has to be one in there of which I would have no recall. There has to be one in there I've forgotten. Socks? Recently a pair of new socks I don't recognize (even though they're my brand) keeps appearing in my clothing. I think I may have bought them for a trip and the other pair(s) that came with them are still packed away or lost so they seem random but I'm sure they're mine. Underwear are a different story. Maybe it is because of the personal nature of them- I don't know but if you lose or gain a pair (or 3) it is going to get your attention.
    So we're driving down the road and my kids see a sign, Wizard Wells 3 Mi. (or whatever the number was) . Can we go? they implored with a dreamy eyed look. I don't know what they expected-  Harry Potter flying around playing Quidditch?
  • A Million Ways To Die In The West had its moments especially as I do love a good sight gag.
  • A commercial I just (12/01/2014) watched had 2 women disparaging their immature husbands for playing with their kids toys. Neither female actors wore wedding rings.
  • I hope you're out there somewhere.
    My fearless daughter being fearless as she wonders, As a first world kid I don't think a closed head injury or C spine fracture could be all that big of a deal- right?


The Donald said...

...dressed in old school 13MWZ Wrangler jeans and an outdated shirt and hat.

Oh, the humanity!

It was only after many years of passing those Wizard Wells signs that I sated my curiosity and drove through the little village. Not really much there.

el chupacabra said...

Yeah. I nevet thought Id see the day I wouldn't becaught dead in those things but I'm there.

I have a vagued, possiby incorrect recall of a store being open in Wizard Wells but I'm not sure at all.