Thursday, March 5, 2015

Thursday's Thoughts

  • This is really big- big news; a first folio of Shakespeare's works has been discovered in France. On the same page was a link to a story about some controversy related to Dancing With The Stars. I accidentally clicked on it. I still feel kinda dirty.
  • Someday you should watch Existo. I'm not saying you'll be a better person for it or even like it- just everybody ought to give it a try.

    A bad day.

  • Legalization of pot is one of those things that will happen so we need to accept it and wrap out heads around it. The way people in general and our government view the subject shows a lack of critical thinking skills and pragmatism. The first thing it is compared to is heroin or meth as people fear the use of weed will lead to the use of harder stuff. It doesn't now and will be even less likely when it is legal. A better comparison is alcohol as alcohol is extremely dangerous- literally deadly and it is not only legal, its use and acceptance is practically a religious conviction here, 
  • No, I don't smoke it and don't know where I could get it but it is literally ridiculous that it is illegal where I live. Anyway, think about it- 40 year long drug war and and over 2 million pounds of marijuana are seized every year?! Ha! Kev that shows you don't know what you're talking about: 2 million pounds are seized! Easy there tiger. It is probably more than that now- and as I said earlier I wouldn't know where to start looking if I wanted the stuff but I would bet my life If I looked, I could have all I wanted before the sun went down this evening.

    I am not sure what kind of gifts are in the offing here but people stagger in and out of there all day (but mostly after dark).

    Crackheads be rollin'.
  • It is very rare I dream about my dad but I had a very sentimental one this morning (11/26/2014). He was visiting me as I was working on a project to build a lake. There were scrapers motoring around and I was pushing both the dirt and labor crews. He was somehow old but at the same time looked about like he did when he died. He was asking me about the project. He seemed proud. It was nice.
  • I know where some of that came from- when I was a boy we drove by one of the quarry near Chico. Two guys were racing scrapers down a haul road like a couple of maniacs. It came out in a related conversation that my dad had been an equipment operator in another life. I determined right then that is what I would do and as an adult operated various equipment for many years.
    I was aware Can Tex made pipe but this ceramic one crossing Town creek is the first I have ever seen  in use.
  • Being affected by seasonal allergies is sucky and I'm sorry to anyone I may have been less than sympathetic to years ago who was suffering in my presence. If you read between the lines you may gather I was never bothered by allergies until my early 40s and then they came on with a vengeance and get worse every year. At this rate I'll be one big snot bubble by the time I'm 60.
  • If money were no object I would have a Dodge Challenger built up to look like Snot Rod from Cars.
  • Thanks for tuning in to Snot Talk With Kev.
    Some moron went to a lot of trouble to dump this couch out in the middle of nowhere and risked a big ticket. It never occurred to them to spend 10 minutes breaking it down and bagging it up and having the garbage truck come to them- some people are just naturally wrong.


The Donald said...

Rationally, my inner libertarian agrees that the cannabis will at some point be legal, though I have a harder time envisioning how this will beneficially impact our culture. One supposes some useful empirical data will emerge from CO and OR that may guide the rest of the country (I'd have included DC, but nothing good comes out of DC). The 'gateway' argument has always been a fallacy predicated on extrapolation - just because you travel westbound on I-20 frequently doesn't mean you're going to Abilene, Odessa, El Paso, Tucson, Phoenix, or L.A.

Neat story about the dream of your Dad. I've had dreams of my Grandfather, who died when I was 18. The movies Frequency and Field of Dreams resonate (pun not intended) with viewers because they explore inter-generational relationships without the parent-child psychological strictures.

The Donald said...

What do they want for that worn out ole Shakepeare folder? It might make a good companion for my Compleat Works of Wm. Shakespeare. That, or I could slice the pages, and include a small sampling about the size of a large postage stamp of authenticity with every spin- or bait- casting reel I sell. Just call me a marketing genius.

I don't think that the 'Gift Shop' has anything that I would want someone to present to me.

Crackheads rollin' - proof dat when when you carry a door, God make you open da window. Or something.

The ceramic pipe imprint is cool. Brick smelting had been the local industry in the town where I was born, but had probably ceased about 30 years prior. Would love to get an old brick with the stamping on it, to put on my fireplace hearth.