Monday, March 30, 2015

Monday's Missives

Mini Me. If he looked pale it is because he was sick as a dog but didn't want to not go out- he is a trooper. My first backpack  and canteen were chosen from a Raleigh cigarette coupon catalog.  My sister and I would each get to pick items from the catalog. You could get just about anything- including household furnishings. I don't recall the details but there were other outdoor items she got me besides the backpack and canteen (both of which I still have) to outfit me for scouts. It just hit me- a sleeping bag was one item and I got an inflatable raft about the same time but it may have come from a different source. Of my mom I can say, She loved us like no other and did the best she could with what she had and really- what more can you ask?
  • Try as I might- Sleater-Kinney does nothing for me and I'm surprised.
  • I do like this though.

    It is official- I am an old geezer. I sit and crack pecans I scrounge in the park while my kids play. What is next- feeding pigeons with my pants hiked up under my armpits while I complain about, Kids these days... and the government?
  • Good for David but David's Western Western Wear in W'ford stays so busy I have been sitting on a gift card for there for nearly 3 weeks and counting. Every time I go there isn't room to park. Business must be good.
  • Wait, I just realized- maybe they're overwhelmed handling returns?
    That is racist! Whats next- cheese nips?!
  • There is at least one surveillance program I read about recently that is straight out of the movie Minority Report. It monitors people in crowds for suspicious behavior and notifies authorities after ranking the people's likelihood they're up to no good. I need to do better with publishing my predictions. In my minds eye a long time ago I saw the same surveillance equipment and computer algorithms tied to a facial recognition program and database of offenders.
  • My guess is they didn't do it but it must have been tempting for the military and Department Of Justice to implant some type tracking devices in the Guantanamo detainees and other potential problem makers. Regardless, they had to explore the possibilities.

    I know it is, Just the way it is but how when we remodel a house can sooooo much building materials come out of it and there be anything left? The last house I remodeled was only probably a bit bigger than this one and I paid for haul outs larger than this one- two or three times.
  • The Wraith seems to get shown a few times a month on multiple stations and this has been true for 30 years. In the past, I have seen it shown on one station on a Saturday and another the very next day. It just [01/17/2015] went off on Retro.  Why? I have never seen this happen with any other movie and I am sure [nearly] it isn't my imagination.
    This building near the cemetery in Jacksboro intrigues me partially because I like half hip roofs. What is your favorite type of roof ? A smart person would doll it up with some great accents inside, put in stained glass windows and paint the outside a brilliant white. Then rent it out dirt cheap for funerals to get people inside it and develop some community goodwill. Then they could make their money with other events as word spreads. People would get married in the thing not only because it is great and beautiful- but to be able to say for the rest of their lives they got married in a cemetery. I have it all figured out- don't I?
  • FG's dumb cat's rear legs fall out from under him and he will literally pass smooth out from pleasure and go asleep against my leg after I scratch his chin.
  • It isn't news to know terror groups are wanting to provoke a reaction when they do something heinous but what should be remembered is- they're trying to provoke an overreaction.

    Grrrrrrl power!


Katy Anders said...

All the pictures after Mini-You and the pecans are sort of spooky. Like an episode of the X-Files where the locals end up trying to kill all the outsiders who wander in...

The mannequin on the dolly is going to give me nightmares...

The Donald said...

Wow - that Raleigh commercial makes me want to go buy a couple of cartons and take up smoking. Wonder if they accept the coupons at Cabela's?

There is a super cool pecan tree between my house and the post office - Daughter and I have filled our pockets and 1# coffee cans with those goodies. Not paper-shelled, but reasonably large, and tasty.

Grrrrrrl power! I'd have to ask the Todd, but I think that chick used to work - full time, 24/7 - at Kohl's. Either that, or she was one of Dewey's GFs, or a close facsimile... ;-)

The Donald said...

What does the Geneva Convention say about wrapping japs in bacon?

I'm kind of a 'take no prisoners' guy. I have a six pack of japs that I plan to disembowel, roast and purée with some romans. Then I'm sending them to Chili.

With beans.