Monday, March 2, 2015

Monday's Missives

  • Last night (05/17/2014) I dreamed that in South Africa during Apartheid a group of little people were the underclass instead of blacks. The two groups were Momos and Jeemos. I was an outsider who was well accepted as I had lived there for years and was integrated. A group of us guys were standing around a horse trough jaw jacking while watching a blacksmith work (did I mention it was old west appearing?). After I mentioned it unusual but good to see a small and normal stature person working together the normal statured person heartily laughed and said, Fifteen years ago  the boss hired us after making us promise to never fight and never tell anybody which of us is Momo and which is Jeemo! Then a cowboy picking up a huge monitor lizard and starting singing a musical number. The monitor snapped it's tail like a bullwhip to the music.
  • It was so ridiculous I awoke laughing.

    You'll fall over when you enlargenate the discharge and figure out the who and what.
  • A lot of  my dreams roll like movies filmed in Dutch Angles.
  • Those new tacos and taquitos with the shells made of Doritos? When I first saw the ads I thought they were not only ridiculous but gross and call me weird I don't want my food products to have the descriptor gross assigned to them in any way. Yeah, I'm kinda weird that way. Recently I have been forced to eat a couple different iterations of the tacos and taquitos both. My apologies Doritos- they are awesome! I mean literally- what took so long?!

    The owner of this truck took it down to nothing and combined two single 1970s Chevy cabs to make something factory appearing the factory never made- a crew cab  truck. Well done my friend. He wanted as I recall 40 grand for it. Interesting in multiple ways: a 1970 Chevrolet probably cost more/less 7,000 dollars and a top of the line modern crew cab can be had for a little more.
  • I watch enough Spanish language videos on Youtube that Spanish language ads sometimes default in regardless of the content I'm viewing.
  • If I had to choose to be one super it would be Batman but as a kid I always identified more of course with Spiderman.


Katy Anders said...

I always feel a little jealous of people who have cool dreams and actually remember them. I never remember anything about mine, and you're having full-fledged, socially conscious dreams that feature Sneetches-like plots.

The Donald said...

Wow - sounds like some potent agave juice and Three Amigos before bedtime!

I had a strange dream last night. A friend's son who is a poly-sci major was telling me he could name all 648 countries. I responded that there weren't that many countries - my unconscious self is still rational, you know: "Look, there's six continents with nations. Let's do the math, starting with the easy ones. Australia, plus NZ; North America - three: CN, US, MX; about a half dozen in Central America, and maybe fifteen in South America. Maybe 15-20 for Europe, and a dozen for the former USSR..." (In 7th grade, I could've named all of the Soviet Republics.)

Anyway, thankfully I woke up before I had to start tallying African and SE Asian countries.

Looks like a good job was done with the GM C/K. That was a great body style, especially since GM went into a dry spell with the sucky '73+ series (have you ever seen one where the hood wasn't creased at the hinge bracket?). I thought it was just a rare specimen (Phillips Petroleum used to have a fleet of stretched Suburbans to ferry their execs to/from Bartlesville/Tulsa International). Some fam friends had a manual F250/350 4WD 4 door that they would let us drive on their 'ranch' SW of Jackistan (WNW of Barton's Chapel, wind turbines now grace the southern edge of what was once their property), when we were still 2-3 years from having our drivers licenses). We thought it was awesome (it was).

Still, I think you're right about the $40G being out of line.

Mike said...

I also rarely remember my dreams...don't know what that's all about. I wish I did, though. I've had many instances, however, of a déjà vu where I actually experienced in reality what had occurred in a dream. I hadn't remembered the dream until it happened and the dream was months prior.

Very funny discharge paperwork!! Although how is that associated with the guys in the photo below it?