Monday, March 23, 2015

Monday's Missives

Delicious chili confined to a can when you want it confined to your belly and the can opener is misplaced?

No prob- when you at least have one of these.
  • At work we have a poster listing signs you're in an abusive relationship. When I dredge up memories of a past serious relationship my experience can be checked off line by line.
  • The last thing I remember before the aliens came for me was a flash of light. I happened to be be taking a picture at the exact moment. You believe me now- don't you?
  • It would be more than cool to remodel an old church building and live in it.
  • In Weatherford there has long been an inordinate number of skaters and emo type kids staggering around in trench coats and wearing eyeliner and having way too many piercings and tats for their ages. I can guess a lot of them are here as parents pick us off the map due to the proximity of Fort Worth and moved this way to get their little snowflakes away from bad influences of the big city.
    Large bony fish picked clean near Quarry Lake at Fort Richardson.

    Mammal bones nearby. Apparently death abounds there.
  • I watched Transformers Age Of Extinction last night (11/22/2014) What a terrible movie. To be clear though, it was needlessly terrible as the main issue was it was at least 45 minutes too long. This must be Michael Bay's last stab at the series and he crammed everything he wanted to accomplish into this installment.
  • Nitpicking: Mark Walberg's character pulls some type of direct fire round casing (76 mm cannon?) out of the cab of Optimus Prime and states, Mortar shells?!
  • No, not," mortar shells " but it made no sense to have empty casings of rounds on/in a target anyway.
  • Another nitpick: the empty casing had it's primer removed meaning it was obviously an old dummy/prop casing.
    I know they probably had parks workers and not a skilled landscaping crew set this limestone boulder but come on- were they trying to make it look ugly? 
  • When I think about lengthy movies I always think about Kevin Costner's plodding epics and wonder how people in the future will view them when they're rediscovered.
  • The one odd thing I miss about the Army is I'll never throw another hand grenade- in anger or otherwise. 
    Heavy Kev's didn't last long. I could have told him- the building is positioned  in an awkward place (top of a T intersection with a hard to navigate entry) making it confusing and infuriating to access. Hint: nobody wants to feel confused and infuriated when they go out to eat. Also the building and parking are too small for a good turn out in a sit down place and again, it is too hard to navigate in and out of there to be a good drive through.
  • During the Salem Witch Trials 20 people were killed in Salem Massachusetts. During the same era thousands were killed in Europe for the same imbecilic religious tomfoolery. Yet today, people travel from around the world to tour Salem and forget that the hysteria which caused those murders actually migrated from Europe to America. Also, it is odd we might still be guilty by association of intolerance because of those events- 300 years ago.
  • What I say: People are weird and will believe what they want to believe.
    Dead bird being dead and poignant or somethin'.


Katy Anders said...

I have not seen any of the Transformers movies, but when my 9 year old saw the last one and I asked how it was, she said, "They could have taken most of it out."

Unfortunately, Michael Bay apparently didn't have any 9-year old consultants working for him...

el chupacabra said...

That is classic.

The Donald said...

Delicious chili...

...from a can? Although, to be fair, RPM will say that what I call chili, ain't, on account of I put beans in it.

No prob- when you at least have one of these.

My favorite one of those is in the kitchen drawer, genuine Made in the USA, and says Hamm's Beer on it. I had to wrassle it away from the Hamm's bear to get it. OK, that's not really true - Brian Williams got the bear in a head-lock, and I simply pulled it from his paw.

Or maybe I found it at a yard sale.

Dead bird being dead and poignant or somethin'.

This is a subject that nature really needs to learn from, inasmuch as one's final action, deadness, may inalterably affect another's first impression. From The Ernestness of Poignancy - DF Oscar de la Wild.

el chupacabra said...

Ha funnny u should mention that- I thought of him when I proclaimed that.

Delicious is relative no?!

If I want chili in my belly and there is none in said belly then a decent brand maybe not be as delicious as Mr Mikes or me dearly departed mum but yeah- on consuming it is better than the chili that was not there 5 minutes before.

I'm witcha on the beans- definitely another texture and can be a complimentary flavor.

So drag out the torches and pitchforks...

The Donald said...

They should have bead blasted that limestone boulder after setting it - to get it ready for people to carve their initials in... :-(

I think I ate at that KFC one time way back when - yeah, it was a total pain to get in and out of there.

el chupacabra said...

Exact-O it was a KFC. Their service and couple other things didn't help but the location was a whippin'.