Monday, March 9, 2015

Monday's Missives

  • Before they started making this I always thought it would be way cool to make an AR15 style 12 gauge.
  • When I'm king of the world I will still commission an M2 style machine gun that everything will be dimensionally doubled. Yes, we will have a 100 caliber cannon to blast stuff with at 500 rounds per minute. People will pay to stand in it's shadow- much less shoot the monster. Long after I'm gone gun writers will write about it and awe will be generated as it gets traded around by rich guys and rediscovered through the years.
    Not to make too big of a deal as I could be wrong (and it is only an opinion anyway) but if I'm going out to eat I'm tempted to say I don't want my food to be home style as in if I wanted home style- well, I would stay at home. 

  • It is 01/312015 at 0704. My son is asleep on the floor and daughter on the couch. The house is dark and quiet.
  • Nearly heaven.
    Sunshine Lake
  • Somebody I know only gets in touch with me to relate various aches, pains and new diagnosis. What a whippin'.
    FGs granddad was a railroad worker

    Coolest nickname ever? Gah- lucky. I wish I was called WISH BONE.
  • My eldest son is on his way back to Nigeria in search of black gold.
    Thankfully PUPPY is microchiped. 

    The dog park has real fire hydrants for dogs to pee on. No wonder the terrorists hate us.

  • In the break room yesterday people were commenting on how wonderful my Chinese food smelled. When another person entered the fray they asked somebody who is not me if it was their food. The party who was asked cheerily said as she happened to be stepping out of the room, No, mine smells like fish! Me and another vile reprobate looked at each other and burst out laughing. I handed him my chop stick and said, Holy smokes. I can't unhear that. Quick stab me in the ear with this!
    Behind the Nature center in Lake Murray State Park

    What a gorgeous scene this rocky ridge line would be without the stupid trees obscuring the view but good luck on getting them cut down. We worship trees- odd. They should selectively cut most of them down and dig all the roots out so they don't create erosion pathways. Then tack everything down with some water after scattering some native seed and fertilizer and call the feature, Rocky Ridge. People would come from far and wide to see it. It would be literally awe inspiring. I have everything all figured out don't I? 
  • The wind chimes are singing sweetly outside.
    Mini Me: See the picture I drew? Me: Uh, oh yeah that is, um- nice. So, uh what all is going on here? What am I seeing? Is there a story? I said as I fished for an answer about the bewbs. Mini Me: Its just a picture. He said as if he were trying to gently, simply and patiently deal with a closed head injury patient who just didn't get it. Me: OK, what are these? I said giving up and pointing to the headlights Mini Me: They're nipples dad. He is a Sumo Wrestler
  • One of these days this will all end.


Katy Anders said...

You can tell he's a sumo wrestler because his arms come straight out of his neck, just like real sumo wrestlers.

I kid because I used to draw people exactly like that, nipples and all.

The Donald said...

I don't know what was the question for which that Turkish company created the AR 12 gauge. But the correct answer should've been: Remington 1100. Or at least a Benelli. Nonetheless, I predict they'll sell like hotcakes.

Back when I could order from distributor sites, one of the companies was offering M1919s rechambered for .308 for a shade over a grand, a hundred-fitty more for a pintle mount. I shoulda bought one.

On the Peaster Diner pic, I was thinking "Yeah, right" about the 15 minute claim...until I remembered the Wm'son Loop.

Had only scrolled down about 5/8 of the third pic, and thought it was a photo of a bald dude's scalp...

The Donald said...

"...mine smells like fish! "

Was said gyno-American throwing you guys a softball? Womyn can be wicked sneaky like that...