Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Wednesday's Digressions

I like this awning leading into the lodge. It looks like something my old timey social betters would walk under to go have martinis, ballroom dance, light cigars with 100 dollar bills and make plans to kill all the poor people.
  • A meta-modern country cover of When In Rome's The Promise by Sturgill Simpson. Yes, it is amazing.
  • There is an orange on my desk that has been there for 2+ weeks. It is hard as a rock, wrinkly and shrinking more every day. My intention is to leave it here until it draws too much attention to us and under pressure I have to chunk it.

    A rather odd display in Tucker Tower. I know the tower is made of stone and the mortar for said stone needed to  be mixed but really- it is just an old mixer and it is overwhelming this space.

    and not least of which- it is obstructing this view.
  • My bank card has been the subject of a possible breach- again.
  • A very English guy named Oliver helped me over the phone get a new card overnight. He had a nice voice with a beautiful British accent. It made me wonder if he faked it to smooth things over with his American audience.
  • We are ridiculous about that. Hear an outrageous conspiracy theory in a documentary in a British accent? We're all over that. We will swallow it hook line and sinker. A personal interaction with a British person? They could look like Frankenstein's monster and woosh- off come the panties or boxers.
  • I mean really- we're weird about that.
  • Talk British to me baby.
  • Today is 01/22/2015 and I intend to drive North this weekend until we find snow. Then I will play in it and eat things like grilled cheese and chocolate pie and drink hot chocolate and coffee like there is no tomorrow and hopefully get snowed in and not be able to go to work- for a week.
  • I will probably get smashed by a snow plow.
    Smart structure built from a culvert that was split up the middle and formed just right to provide privacy.  Yikes- I go around taking pics of men's restrooms...

    Old guys do like their metal detectors

    This is called Elephant Rock. Try as I might I could not figure out how it got that name until the interpreter told me it looks like an elephant- viewed from the air.
  • It is 01/24/2015 and we're packing to head North. Tragically, there will be no snow- only sunny skies.
  • 01/27/2015 a headline on my new browser said something to the effect of, Glitch causes hour long outage of Facebook. Omigawd! The humanity.
  • PS: It is 01/28/2015 and I read yesterday there were multiple cases of 911 calls being made to report the aforementioned outage.
  • Good grief.


Katy Anders said...

I've been listening to Sturgill Simpson's album for a few months now. "Turtles All the Way Down" is one of my favorite songs ever.

I don't typically listen to much country, but it is a very impressive album by any standard.

The Donald said...

It's rumoured that the nautilus was patterned off of galvanized steel culverts.

But, it's just a rumour...