Friday, March 6, 2015

Friday's Dispatch

View out your window of the cabins at Lake Murray. Ha, I got you- it is a painting silly.
  • Lena Dunham is pervasive and even refers to herself as a celebrity. I do not know who, what or why she is- and I'm OK with that.
  • The Treaty Of Tripoli is a fascinating document and I'm surprised it doesn't cause more of a stir.
    Mastodon tusk

    Cylindrical shaped fossils are the stems of an ancient relative of lilies.
  • It was 16 degrees this (01/08/2015) morning. My son left his coat at school. That was one long, cold drive until the truck warmed and walk to class for him I bet.
  • There were signs on the road last night, " Road crews preparing for winter conditions- expect delays." In the past the state and local governments got caught with their pants down when they should have known conditions would be bad and prepared accordingly. Now, they go on a freakout and prepare for an Iceocalypse whenever a cool breeze blows. There wasn't any precipitation in the overnight forecast. It wasn't going to happen- not a chance was there going to be icy conditions on the roads.
  • Next year conditions will be right and there will absolutely be weather coming that needs preparation for a massive response and officials will shrug and say, Last year we had roads prepped and materials stockpiled and paid workers overtime to be on standby- for nothing. Meh.
  • What is wrong with us?

    is covered with this. Stupid.
  • Women: one of the few things I know about them is if you don't want to argue with them when they want to fight- they assume they've won and you knew you were wrong all along.

    My ginger daughter is a natural at skateboarding.
  • The number of Bill Cosby's accusers stand at something like 30-31 now. The sheer number, the perceived credibility of most, the number who have something to lose- by making the allegations, the variation in backgrounds and strata of the accusers and the fact I haven't heard a dollar figure that any of them want make me think- he is guilty as sin.
  • A bonus: his holier than thou attitude always seemed at best disingenuous to me especially as it has long been known he was not faithful to his wife. Another thing about this issue- I looked the rape subject up a minute ago for the first time. Otherwise, I have only relied on random newscasts and reading one or two blurbs by the accusers so I am not overly saturated on the subject making me think he seems guiltier than he is.
  • Once I saw in print the question asked, "What did he use to drug them?" to which no good answer was provided. I'll make a wild guess- either chloral hydrate or dilaudid or even a combination of the two. The combo would seem plausible as accusers report the effects were both quick acting and long lasting. They both come in liquid form and chloral hydrate at least in the past was surprisingly readily available.
    In this droughty apocalypse in which we live these cleats are almost comically sad as a boat couldn't get within a hundred feet of the dock.

    Drag marks where guys have drug their boats down to the water.

    Animals have (probably) died of thirst making the trek down to the new shore of Lake Murray.


Katy Anders said...

Any animal is cooler with thick hair.

Giant hairy worms? Think of how cool that'd be.

Or fish.

Katy Anders said...

(Just to make it clear, I said that because of the two mastodon references. If not that for that, my prior comment would look completely nuts...)

The Donald said...

So, John Adams was an early Barry Obama? Of course, it's understandable, without the Crown's protection, that the nascent Republic would be in appeasement mode.

Less clear is why a world superpower that has been on the prevailing side of two world wars, would kow-tow to pirate SOBs in 2015.

I'm always confusing mammoths with mastodons, although I know you can get 1911 grips made from mammoth ivory (they're really expensive), and just learned that mastodon means "nipple tooth". The more you know...

Have never been to a skate park - my physique is such (high CG/CM, 6'1" height x 36" inseam) that I'd bust my butt in an instant. But it would be cool to ride a bike on.

If God had not intended for dweebs to carve their initials in the rock, would He have invented limestone?

So, Kates, would you catch a hairy fish with a hairy worm? Now I'm also envisioning Kevin Bacon and Michael Gross fending off giant hairy, nipple toothy worms.

The Donald said...

BTW, if you had closely examined the curator's notes of the first image, it would have read: "Sorry Jumbo, Mr. Barnum was going to let you retire in three years, but we learned the CFO had embezzled your pension fund, leaving it with peanuts. This will be for the best. Thanks for your service."