Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday's Dispatch

  • Recently while I was cleaning up after supper woman known as woman came up behind me and started rubbing around on me. I turned to see her with a volleyball under her shirt, her hands cupped under it like it was a pregnant belly.

  • "You'll be stopping that right now." That's what I said. What she said- Oh come on- you know it's funny. It may be many things, but it's very far from funny. You see here's that." I said pointing to her fake baby bump, "and here's funny way, way over here." which was said while my other arm was stretched out as far as I could get it in the opposite direction.

  • Did I say I was cleaning up after supper? I mean I was gutting a deer and rebuilding a carburetor.

  • Yeah, that's the ticket.

  • I have only eaten a crayfish once in my life- as in, one crayfish, one time.

  • My eldest needed a backpack for his pre Army training. I went and got him a really good one- the same one I would have bought for myself. I did alright until I started looking for the jump wings, Ranger tab and handbook I wanted to put in the pack to remind him of his goals. It wasn't a good scene for me. I nearly started bawling. He'll be good. He'll be OK, but I'm afraid the nights will be long when he goes downrange.

  • The Serbian Lazar MRAP is a good looking vehicle that appears very adaptable.

  • The Misfits cover The Ramones Blitzkrieg Bop


RPM said...

GF making pregancy jokes? Danger, Will Robinson, Danger! (Robot arms flailing wildly)

The Donald said...

MRAP looks cool, but I wonder what Wal-Mart charges to rotate and balance those tires.

el chupacabra said...

R- I know, if I had any sense...

Don- Funny you should mention that those multi wheel behemoths can KILL you at speed if too many tires are unbalanced.
Regardless, all I'd need would be some tasty hills and a couple thousand rounds for that main gun...