Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wednesday's Digressions

    Don't ask me- I put in Taqaddum pictures for my search criteria. Marines are weird.

  • The Hills Have Eyes 2- what I'm watching. Women have a civilizing effect on men that is lost in their absence which is manifested in their tasteless choice in movies.

  • Had an odd memory when I saw the actors in body armor on The Hills Have Eyes: I was probably too low key in some ways in my leadership downrange, but some things went all over me and made me act accordingly. One of these things was wearing improperly or not wearing at all protective gear. On ECP (entry control point) duty I noticed a soldier was not wearing his SAPI plate in back of his body armor. This was so unbelievably dumb. We were under frequent rocket attack. Rockets which have no conscience and don't care if you are on a patrol, in your bed or on the relatively lame duty of ECP. Also, although it was his off mission day after ECP duty we were to do a route recon. It would have only taken one guy getting sick or hurt and he would have been going outside the wire in the most dangerous place in the world without his armor to stop fast moving, pointy things from going through his body. I started punching him as hard as I could on the back, "You don't care anything about getting yourself killed. You don't care anything about making me look like an ass do you? What am I supposed to say to your mother- he died because he was dumb? He died because I trusted him too much? What's wrong sarge? he lamely and fearfully asked. You couldn't even have the decency to cut some cardboard up and put in there? I mean you are dumb." I saw an engineering stave lying nearby and just started whacking him on the back with it saying, " I bet you wish you had a plate in there now don't you?"

  • A true story.

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