Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday's Dispatch

Think about them every day. Pray for them every time you pray. There are infantry units who fought in Afghanistan who engaged the enemy 150 times in their year long deployment. You would have to go back to World War II to find American warriors who could say that- and then maybe.

  • "Most guys seem intimidated by me- you weren't at all. Why not?" That's what she said.

  • "Because- I'm not scared of no dumb ole girl." That's what I retorted.

  • I have never watched a single episode of South Park.

  • It's been a couple of days since I shaved my head. My buddy came over to swim and before he said hello his mouth feel open and he said,"Dude, your hair is coming in white- I mean, it's frosty up there!"

  • Thanks.

  • Found a cicada that died before it came out of it's exoskeleton this morning. Which is strange since they should have all emerged that were going to do so- months ago. They do that often though when it's unbelievably hot and dry.

  • It's unbelievably hot and dry.

  • They stay underground in the nymph stage in their subterranean wonderland for thirteen to seventeen years and then emerge en masse to reproduce.

  • I'm a Doctor of Cicadology.

  • In Texas when it is unbelievably hot and dry we either, ride motorcycles hundreds of miles, bicycles a hundred, jump around at an outdoor concert, play football or Frisbee, jog etc. or nothing- do nothing, but soak up the AC and sweet iced tea and we won't be moved. Hey man, wanna...? No, I'm not moving from this couch 'til Monday and I'm not even sure I will then.

  • Radiohead- Everything In It's Right Place.

  • Sigur Ros- The Nothing Song

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