Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday's Missives

I have no idea- however, let's assume the artist is no fan.

  • I still feel goofy when a nurse or aide in a long term care facility passes it along they like me and send me their number through somebody.

  • If the theory of evolution is true why are there so many physiological and chemical processes in place that helps ease the dying experience for humans?

  • I think I have an answer but, it made me think a little the other morning when a patient who could hardly breathe for the fluid in her lungs rapidly dumped 1200 mls. of urine that was produced by a diuretic hormone in response to her body's stress- which pulled the fluid off her lungs allowing her to breathe easily.

  • My death date is if I remember correctly November 23, 2038 on the deathcalculator. I would like to have posts scheduled out to that far so there's something here until then if I die early or lose interest and it can autopilot.

  • Stay tuned- some gold is posted way out there already.

  • A girls bicycle was abandoned down at the pond for days- gave me chills every time I passed. Empty children's wheelchairs in a pawnshop, antique store etc. do the same.


RPM said...

My Dethklok is set for Monday, June 11,2029. But I'm fairly confident that is very optimistic prognostication.

Personally, my over/under was 1987.

RPM said...

Fail on the SNL Video, btw. Try Hulu.