Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wednesday's Digressions

  • There is no way that Storage War shows is real. I have caught parts of two episodes. In each there was something so outlandishly impossible I just groaned and wondered how anybody could be a fan. In one unit there was a beautiful Dodge Challenger.  If you honestly believe a storage business operator wouldn't have found that thing when he first  popped that lock (as he would without waiting for a camera crew) and and wouldn't have given that thing to his 25 year old girlfriend, started driving it himself or at the very least sold it on it's own merit you're as crazy all the people who calls a friend who owns a storage business 10 or 20 times a week and say, I just watched this show, Storage Wars and was wondering when you're going to have an auction...
  • My niece graduated high school this year
  • An office worker where I was a nurse once face and hands fairly rapidly blew up once and she would get out of breath easily. How did we miss she was going downhill with heart failure? There were 5 nurses in that clinic any day and sometimes more. It must have been something about the context- she worked in the office of a director of a large clinic. We chatted occasionally and were all I would say friendly but she was friends with none of the nurses. The dumbest of us if she had been a patient would have seen that for what it was and been ready to nudge the doc toward the diagnosis if we were calling her case in and try to get her something to strip those fluids off and then have the heart evaluated.
  • We tried to watch The Hobbit.  It was terrible. I think we lasted 11 minutes. There really didn't need to be another movie in the LOTR line. The LOTR trilogy was perfect: there was a beginning, a middle and an end. They came together to make a great story and they were all great on their own.
  • Movie watching pro tip: if you knew a character from a series of movies wasn't going to be in the prequel (or otherquel- whatever) and in the first few minutes they show that character obviously using stock or rerun footage and especially if it seems clumsy or contrived you might as well turn it off and move along my friend- there is nothing to see there.
  • I personally know 3 people who have been hit by lion fish. All 3 described it as being like getting hit by electricity and/or a red hot poker. All said it was the worst pain they ever felt. All 3 developed infections as a result. Two of them got hit because they misjudged where the fish was because of refraction, the others fish was unusually aggressive and came from other side of the tank to hit the guy. One was a doc who rapidly cleaned the wounds and still, he was dragging himself out of bed at 3 the next morning and taking his feverish, balloon hand to the emergency department. 
    I don't believe had ever seen a dually van before that fateful day in Mineral Wells State Park. I will never be the same.

    Unfortunate tarantula who became lunch was unfortunate. I had never seen ones fang before though so there is something to be said for that I guess.

    Behold, the mallow of the marsh! Sacrifice it in the fire of purification.

    The bridge at Natural Bridge Caverns

    LBJ's family home place in Johnson City
  • One of my favorite covers of War Pigs- Dresden Dolls live at Paradise Rock Club Boston MA.

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