Friday, October 4, 2013

Friday's Dispatch

  • I like this pic. She seemed to be posing even though she was not. I guess you would call that poise.

    Virginia creeper- what a rude name

    Hog nose adder poop. They spray a nasty poop as a defense when alarmed. It smells like a sulfur-ie corpse. It is nasty and does not go away. I had to wash my hands multiple times to get rid of the smell.

  • I really care very little for hearing about a woman's past unless it's something that hurts her and then I'll gladly listen. Otherwise, it's really none of my business and I don't care, but it seems like a lot of women want to beat you with the, this guy did this or that guy did that to me stick. 
  • Regardless of the context in which we meet or what we do or do not become to each other- I am not responsible for anything that happened to you before we met.
  • I bet owning a pool is the apex of a mixed blessing.
  • Of the cast of characters during my war time service my favorite is the specialist who came to me and said, Hey Kev. you know I'm on mission tomorrow when it's supposed to be my down time. I replied," I know man, but ______ is sick and I had to throw you back on to the schedule. I know Sergeant, but why are they changing things up? Why are we going down Route Iron (a very,very dangerous place to be in a very, very dangerous country) and doing that night overwatch and all that, this late in the game? I don't know man, I don't know, but if you want me to replace you, I'll ask______ or_______ but I'm telling you right now if they don't essentially volunteer- I'm not changing anything. Oh God no- don't change a thing. It's just they shouldn't have put all this on us at this stage of the game. You'll be good man, just keep your head down and watch your sector. It will be over with before we know it I said. He turned and stomped away from me unconvinced.
  • I'd later watch that man vomit on top of his HUMVEE in anticipation of what was coming down and love him for doing his duty anyway.
  • It seems if a man got around while he was single he is much more likely to settle down and be faithful when he marries as opposed to a woman with a similar past who is unlikely to be able give up her whore-ish ways when she marries.
  • The Fallout Boy song Dance Dance has been playing in a loop in my brain for hours.
  • Zac just figured out how to hold a balloon with his feet and pull it back and pop it sending it flying across the room and landing on my laptop. He is amused with himself.

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The Donald said...

• I've always thought it best to have friends or relatives with a pool. Our experience was that it wasn't worth the trouble.

• Interesting observation about "progressive" women. I'm thinking the long view of the '60s "sexual liberation" and its ramifications won't be attractive. While I must fully disclose a faith-based disinclination to promiscuity, I think the empirical evidence will by itself objectively reveal that the lowering of sexual mores has had a devastatingly negative impact on society.