Thursday, October 24, 2013

Tursdays Thoughts

  • Atheists really like to claim George Will who is actually agnostic as their own. I understand that in a sense, a clear separation of the ideologies is actually just splitting hairs. I believe the average person though who has not studied the subject sees a vast divide between the two.
  • Recently my nursing buddy and I had  screaming match. Women and those hormones! Amiright men?
  • Ha, I kid and don't believe that but I was tempted to tell her to calm down and take her Premarin and leave me alone.
  • On an associated note, it isn't unheard of if I'm speaking to a female nurse on the phone and I'm not getting anywhere with her and that is unlikely to change for me to say, Is there a man around there I can speak to who may be able to help me?
  • Hilarity does not then normally ensue. Well, except for maybe a little on my end of the phone.
  • The interesting thing? It often works.

    A cool project for ya- a 1950 COE GMC with a 12 cylinder mid mounted engine.
  • If you are obnoxious as I can sometimes be one of the keys to success in a relationship is to find those buttons to push- then don't do it. It is a superpower to be used for good and not evil. Your significant other will feel special and love you for it.
  • Is there even a chance that if a Republican were President the doom and gloom that is all over every type of media regarding the recent shutdown would be so absolutely pervasive? I think news sources that aren't committed toward conservatism will tend to lend their support to  President Obama whether it is intentional or not- instinctively they would sense it the correct thing to do.
  • Linger started in a loop the moment I awoke at 0031 this morning 10/03/2013. I have: a thunderous headache. My back is literally killing me and my knee was so stiff I had to work to get it flexed to go to a sitting position on the bedside. So there you have my list of serious personal injuries.
  • Oh, and this computer continues to randomly insert on the page and move my text around even though I am nowhere near the insert key. 
  • Machete Kills looks terrific. Funny: Charlie Sheen is billed as Carlos Estevez in the credits.
  • Blur Girls And Boys
  • Retarded: Michelle Duggar Trying To Get Pregnant With 20th Child.

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