Monday, October 21, 2013

Monday's Missives

You may call it a campsite. I call it the place where I sweated and swatted mosquitoes for 12 hours.

My kids split level home away from home

Our last campsite (0720201). You may call it campsite number 10 in Post Oak Campground. We preferred One Zero Post Oakington Place. 

Driver of this car was an obnoxious, loud foul mouthed drunk. She talked once for I swear 20 minutes without a break. It was tiring.  Among other things I'll guess she is a psych major working on her associates who is not afraid to regurgitate everything she ever heard about cognitive behavior therapy. She told one pointless story after another. She told one pointless story about her mom- I bet she said, My mom 40 times. She even got stuck on it once saying, My mom. My mom. My mom over and over again. I finally had to tell her to give it a rest.

The tent/cot/air mattress combo I invented.

Rare and priceless coinage and jewelry I found beach combing at MWSP. A Spanish Conquistador must have lost them when he explored the area. Score!

Bugs+figs= breakfast

  • Until recently I thought Johnny Football was some kind of generic name like Johnny Sixpack. I've gathered through osmosis he is a real guy but still don't know if it is a nic name or he changed his name legally.
  • And no, unless it is your kid playing or you have a football in your hand to play ball yourself I still cannot comprehend the interest in football- or any pro sport for that matter.
  • I once answered a knock on the door that came at 1:30 in the morning with a pistol tucked behind my back. The woman visiting me indicated it was a smart thing to do but she looked at me weird at the same time. I am not a drug dealer nor a prostitute nor am I 19 years old where we might expect my worthless friends to stagger over needing a place to crash at 1:30 in the morning- it was very unusual and the older I get the more I believe: Nothing good happens after midnight and When seconds count- the cops are only minutes away.
  • A black friend used a horribly racist expression the other day. I drew up inside when I knew it was coming. She laughed until she was breathless and I get that- it was an inappropriate environment, it was coming from a black person, so it was funny in a horrific way but holy smokes it was uncomfortable.
  • FGs cat continues to think I'm the cat's meow.  I continue to hate it's guts.
  • My daughter is incredibly photogenic- she doesn't hardly take a bad picture. Shes got it made as a model when the world wises up and idolizes freckly red headed people.
  • Where do digital pics go when you erase them?
  • I finished an Asian person's treatment recently. On the way out he said, Sir may I see your right hand? He took my hand and holding it in both of his put his forehead to the back of my hand and said, Thank you. Thank you for everything you have done for me in this life that we share together here. It was touching in general but really when you consider he meant we may have many lives but he felt I had enriched this life for him and in fact he felt- we had done that for each other.
  • Mama Cass Elliott- Dream A Little Dream.

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