Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Wednesdays Digressions

  • Within just a few days this week I took  care of multiple points of personal, family and business matters by Email- all in just a few minutes. This whole Internet thing still amazes. Twenty years ago it would have taken days to take care of everything I did in minutes. Multiple conversations were being conducted concurrently and then forgotten. Then, on followup a couple of days later everything was done.
    Ha, Horn E Toad. Don, here is a project vehicle for ya. It ain't runnin' but it's all there as they say baby.
  • There is a group of people who flock to America from their failed country who never even attempt to assimilate. They are masters at milking the system for sustenance. The ones who appear to learn English and get with the program only seem to do so to advocate for their group to get more money and/or take money from new refugees as they help them navigate the system.  
    Asian eternity apple. The story goes if you eat one a day you will live forever. So far so good.

    Zac in stone cold mode

    Latest arrangement I made. Not perfect but OK. To finish out I would put river washed pebbles in the bottom and some yellow, tan and black ribbons around the neck

    Baseballs found behind the park. I gave them to an acquaintance for her baseball team to use for practice.
  • 400 dollars: The worlds record so far for the amount their monthly healthcare premiums have increased among people I know since the Affordable Healthcare Act went into effect. Thanks President Obama! I haven't had to re-enroll yet but I cannot afford another nickel for the expensive plan I hardly ever use that I already have. If I were not required to have it I would have to drop it. It will be hard to survive any substantive increase regardless. Does that make any sense to you? 
  • Bachelors Degree and 2 years experience in public service sector: the requirements to be a governor in Afghanistan. Be at least 30 years old, a 9 year resident of the US and an inhabitant of the state which you intend to represent- or yeah, basically be alive: the requirements to be a US Senator. 
  • Regardless of the type of product they specialize in a manufacturer or seller of outdoor products who doesn't offer a Zombie Apocalypse variant in their lineup is very foolish- and I mean the more serious, the better the product all the more reason to paint or laser engrave a zombie image and/or paint it in loud colors and fake blood spatters whether they can make all the extra money invested back or not. People will buy it because it is a good product with practical uses that is also cool.
  • The Gerber Bear Grylls line of outdoor tools are all really very good products but man, I dislike that guy so bad I could never pay full price for any of them. Were I to come into any of them the first thing I would do is figure out a way to obscure his logo on them.
  • I have tried multiple time to put Katy Anders blog here in the blog list- it won't let me copy the address to link to it. Is it her or me?

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Katy Anders said...

Blogger is trying to protect you from yourself by not letting you add my blog!

About the ACA: I feel like the country has just thrown a plate of food up in the air. We might catch it with all of the food still on the plate, or the food might go everywhere and the plate might break. We don't know yet. I hope worrying about that doesn't make me sick!