Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday's Dispatch

Table we're redoing. Finishing pro tips: Use 3M paper with a rubber block. Start with medium grit, go to fine and then wipe it down with 0000 wool. Tap the paper out, wipe the table off and in fact use an old brush to clean the sandpaper frequently. Get lost in the project- don't let the hours spent beat you down. Every extra minute of prep will make the project more beautiful and longer lasting.

  • The premise of an article I read earlier was that it is OK to have, "a few drinks per week" while pregnant and the author self vindicated with some stats to support her habit. A person doesn't drink to achieve heart related health benefits or even relax per se- they do it to alter the way they feel- to self medicate away from one way they feel to another way of feeling that they are happier with. It isn't right to drink at all nor will it ever be while pregnant and the person who has to justify doing so should do some self examination.
  • Another headline:" One Marijuana Joint Per Day Is Equal To A Pack Of Cigarettes For Cancer Risk". I didn't even read the article- there isn't a chance that is true and we should know that as the bodies would be piling up in the streets were it so.
    Graham Drive In

    From our recent crayfishing trip. we relocated them to a hole where they had a chance at life- their's was exposed and evaporating.

    Less fortunate crawdaddy. 
  • What if a person is as emotionally healthy as a person ever gets (or at least as they themselves will ever be) and they are in a relationship where they are as happy as they have ever been when they're happy but when unhappy they're miserable? Based on that sentence alone- is that normal? Is it healthy?

    I have no idea who this lady is but I thought she was photogenic so I photogenesized her.
  • An old friend would hunt coyotes on a huge ranch. He told me they would build fires more or less at the same time on each corner of the place and set up in the middle. He said they killed 12 the first time that were running from the smoke before they ever pulled a call out. There isn't a chance he was lying but I've never met a hunter who has heard of doing that and a search came up empty handed.
  • The power of humor and quick wit: When I was a boy a kid bought a bunch of us together to watch him make a jump on his bike. He went on and on about being Evil Kneivel. After we watched him land and bounce and slide to a stop in a heap of torn clothing and shattered dreams I said, More like Awful Knawful. Everybody forgot about that poor kid for a moment who had literally risked his life and health for our amusement and started busting out laughing and high fiving me.
    In Fort Worth Zoo

    Gorilla- guess which part.
  • My daughter likes to have curtains open to let outside light come in when she sleeps. It can't get dark enough to be too dark when my son and I sleep.

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