Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Wednesday's Digressions

  • Tribe After Tribe : Ice Below.
  • In the 80s and 90s even our corny stuff was great- Kix Don't Close Your Eyes.
  • My nephew married quite possibly the sweetest woman in the world. I'm happy for him and proud of them.
  • He rode his Harley back to Colorado for duty in the Army on Easter. When I left my sister's that day it was 90 degrees and a billion percent humidity. By the time he got to Amarillo (still in Texas) it was threatening to snow and he was freezing.
  • A pretty cool tradition: at my sis' house all the real Easter eggs are put on the table, peeled and made into deviled eggs for lunch.
  • Pretty cool huh?
  • When I took some stuff out to the car in front of her house two old friends who were to my knowledge not previously together as a couple stopped their car and said,"Hey, what are you doin? You going to be around later?" etc. I had a good vibe about them immediately, but I guess it was a little weird since I was friends with both separately and I guess her obviously ex husband for years in the past.
  • The wheels on that bus do go round and round don't they?

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