Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Happy New Yearrrrrrz

  • I had a wonderful time for New Years Eve and in fact went to two parties with wonderful, amazing people.
  • A lot of the talk centered around one woman's big fake boobs. The talk, woman and presumably boobs were the same as last year. It was funny though.
  • Bewbs.
  • We played Mexican Train dominoes. I don't know how/why Mexican figured in there- it seemed maybe a way to be vaguely and/or humorously racist but I could be wrong. It was complicated enough to be fun and challenging without being overwhelming or ridiculous.
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    So yeah- it involved a tiny locomotive and what could wrong with that?.
  • An odd flashback: In nursing school a nursing home patient was a tough nut to crack. One of the guys in my class drew him for direct care and making care plans etc. To try and reach him he would play dominoes with him after he discovered it was something the patient really missed. The patient was a machine at the game. It was awe inspiring. I recall after just a few moves the patient would say, We might as well quit and start a new hand.  Why? my classmate would ask genuinely puzzled. With what I'm seeing in play, have in my hand and knowing the way you play and guessing what you have and what is in the bone pile- no matter what I'll win this hand.
  • The female host's dog hates men and the neurotic beast would gnaw at my ankle if it sensed my foot getting too close to her mistress.
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    Not the ankle biter. I called this one George Jones as it looked like a possum.
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    Another canine in the house- also not the ankle biter. A terrible pic but a good dog. He is old and fat and cool. His name is Shooter. He digs ear scratches, eating tasty people food and sleeping by the fire. All you lady dogs he is available. Just click on the pic to contact him (just kidding- he is a confirmed bachelor).
  • My lack of commitment is rubbing off on FG's friends: they serious-teased me about us getting married.
  • There were recently deceased deer in the garages of both homes. They both died of a very fast acting lead poisoning.
  • One mounted deer head I saw was a big whitetail buck that was shot out of a herd of 10 doe mule deer. The guesstimate is he was 6 years old at the time of his demise. I wonder what was making him shack up with the mule deer? It may be a common thing, I have no idea but I have never heard of it happening and wonder if the company he was keeping played into his longevity. He was ranged at 300 yards by my friend and taken down by a .300 Winchester Magnum. I know 300 yards?! Come on- it was probably more like 80- maybe. Nah, I believe him. After the jolt of the recoil all he could see was the does kicking up rooster tails as they split the scene. He was afraid he missed and the buck was heading for the next county with the does. The guy he was with said, Nah, he didn't move an inch. and handing the shooter his spotting scope said, See his feet up in the air? When they made their way to him he was lying on his back with his legs straight up in the air with Xs across his eyes as his spirit floated upward towards the clouds while playing a harp like a cartoon dead animal.
  • Well, the last couple of things may not have been true to the scene but you get the idea.
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    FG's crunk cup.
  • As it also happened last year we watched bad weather roll in and strategized about how to get home alive while still milking the evening for all  it was worth.                                .
  • We ate pizza at one house and then at the next there was the hugest ham I have ever seen in my life. I mean really- I don't know why I didn't take a picture but wish I had. It was ginormagantuan.
  • The second home had the largest television I guess I have ever seen in a private residence. I have no idea how large it is as every time the subject of it came up the guy host would add a few (or several) inches to the size.
  • I sang and danced to this in front of FG. She laughed.
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    Not New Years but looks fun
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      Whoa, that is some big air

  • Well, welcome to the new year. I'll assure you- this one will be both better and worse than the old.
  • Good luck.


The Donald said...

Dayum! .300 Win. Mag. on a poor lil ol' Texas whitetail? I don't doubt the cartridge having 'legs' to reach out 300 yards, but - was there anything left?

I used to delight in unsheathing my (wait, that sounds Shakespearean-ly bawdy...), uh, uncasing my Rem. 600 in 6mm, at deer camp. The .300 and .338 guys would snicker, sometimes silently.

But, the little poodle shooter, every time it's been big-game hunting, has achieved one-shot kills.

Just call me White Feather.

el chupacabra said...

Lulz- OK White Feather...

You know what? Even when I wrote that it didn't sound right. It WAS a .338. He uses another caliber- I'm not even sure (prob a .300 since that tried to stick in my mind) although we talked about a lot of different ones. The gun he was using was a borrowed .338. Most all his other hunting is in mesquite brush closer to home never needed that much gun before.

Thanks for the mind jog.

Where did you hunt? The mule deer thing was out near Alpine

Anonymous said...

In Coryell county, south of Evant, NE of Lampasas (& about 8 miles from Ft. H.). Also, southern Wise, 6-7 mi W of metropolitan Cottondale.