Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Wednesday's Digressions

David at MWSP does an admirable job keeping everybody's attention during his presentations

Look, something shiny!

Look at the pretty deer...
Interesting visual for how quickly a person can get lost by not staying put- by moving for a short peiod of time the search area can very quickly expand to 16 square miles.
  • My children  did the Kid's Wilderness Survival course at Mineral Wells State Park today (11/16/2014). What a fun, simple time while learning some really good information. It mostly centers around what to do if they're separated from their grown ups. I just realized: I wonder if any kid has survived a situation because of the class? I guess a better question, although harder to quantify would be- how many situations have been prevented?
  • They built the fire up this morning from the coals and were mighty proud.
  • I had the foresight to jack two small space heaters (now banned) from work and brought a heavy extension cord to run them in the tent. I was mighty proud and we all were mightily warmed. 
  • I slept like a baby.

    So they blindfolded everybody and we led them out. After arriving at a point we spun them around and challenged them to point the way back from whence we came. 12 different kids pointed 12 different directions- interesting.
  • We had El Paseo for lunch Saturday and McDonald's for breakfast this morning. 
  • My motto: Camping is not a contest to see who suffers the most.
  • The McDonald's in Mineral Wells is fancy. We call it McBistro.
  • Wow, the lake is down. It made me ask, What would it take to refill it- an epic two week rain or multiple years of very good rains? 
  • I wish they would dredge it out while it is low.
  • A culvert had been installed since the last time I was there. It was literally the shoddiest workmanship I have ever seen in earthen construction. A funny thing about dirt work: a house could be built with poorer quality materials and shoddy-ish workmanship and the owners may never know. It may take years for problems to present (if ever) but if an earthen structure looks bad and doesn't show good quality workmanship it may not last through the first good rain.

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The Donald said...

I think my kids benefited from the several times we went to SR² to practice orienteering. Oldest son recently texted me noting he'd enjoyed the Score-O trips. I enjoyed the orienteering @ Sid OK, but for camping preferred Worth Ranch.

Is that an all-season tent?

The hatchet has the same handle countour as my Fiskars brush machete.