Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Wednesday's Digressions

  • When the headline to an article says, "He Is Not A Monster Say The Parents Of... "I am more than sure he actually is a monster but they cannot bear to say so.
  • When we see a a headline that says, "Unarmed Teen Shot By Police..." it is probably highly revealing to ask, An 80 lb kid who turned 13 two months ago and was minding his own business riding his bike in his front yard or a a 6 foot 3 inch tall 230 pound guy who is two months away from being 20 and has a record as long as his arm and was actively involved in a crime at the time of his demise? Maybe neither picture of the dead person is true (or even matters) in any particular case but an attempt is being made to manipulate you into believing something by the title alone that may or may not be true- you have to do something to mitigate that and open your mind.
  • When Tony Wilson signed Joy Division's contract he did so in his own blood.
  • That is metal. 
  • The first 3 points all started with, "when" making this post a when, when, when  kind of situation I suppose.
    Some hipster imagined he/she lived in Austin for a minute and had to go all political on Magnolia in Fort Worth
  • Stroszek is an amazing movie by Werner Herzog.
  • On a documentary running in the background a moment ago a scientist when speaking of the extinction of Neanderthal man said to the effect, Why did they disappear approx 49,000 years ago? It is obvious humans were responsible- we appeared about the same time. Not only is that ridiculous from a standpoint of reason- he might have been manifesting some odd guilt.
  • Causality and correlation blows a lot of peoples minds.
    Just off downtown Fort Worth. I am curious as to how this building will be viewed in 20 years.
  • In the misspent days of my ute I spent some time at Fort Gordon Georgia. Some of the buildings and the tents used for field exercises were heated by coal. My memory of that has been doubted when I related it in the past- I shoveled too much of said coal to have misremembered how, to whom and when that happened though.
  • A connected thought: In Germany all the buildings were heated with coal and we had an elderly German man who wore all black and would go around and feed coal into the furnaces. He was a nice guy who spoke a bit of English. He had a heart attack while I was there. He smelled like sausage, stink sweat and cigarettes.
  • It is impossible to overstate how drones will permeate and affect our lives from now on.
    I still love this pic taken at the overlook on Mineral Wells SP Lake

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