Monday, January 26, 2015

Monday's Missives

Persimmons. I take a lot of pics of persimmons don't I? They capture my attention for some reason.

Mmmmm, let me see here- about some nice fish or a crawdad this morning...

Creepy cactus bugs being all creepy and buggie.

Turd roller be rollin'.
  • Those skinny leg suits with the 2 sizes too small jackets models are wearing look about as ridiculous as the black NFL football players hair weaves. In 20 years will people make fun of them both or be too terrified of looking like they hate black and gay people?
  • FG and her dumb cat were lying by and on me on the couch earlier- wallowing all over me as we say. As I was thinking about how dumb he is and how much I hated his guts he looked at me and said, Meow! He then reached his paw out at me and touched my belly and laid his head against my arm and dozed off. FG then hugged my other arm and said, You are soooo snuggly. This is nice.
  • Will I miss all that when it is over?
  • Built To Kill: what we're watching (01/11/2015).
    What The?! What hit that car- a boat?

    At a local business. The funny thing is- this is the second time I've seen a vehicle stuck up on that rock.
  • I just (01/12/2015) got back from visiting a friend in a physical therapy rehab facility. If I'm lying- I'm dying, she is in the same room- same bed that one of my last hospice patients croaked in. She is across the hall from a famous person's relative I cared for and when we turned down that hall I was sure we were going to take a right and be in that room. Nope- we took a left into the room of death (the famous person's relative didn't die while under my care).
  • Just don't tell her please- it would freak her out.
    Have I shown you this pic before? Murica!

    A pen I carried during The War.
  • One of those weird things that I can't forget: Some people with lymphoma will experience pain at the site(s) of their affected lymph nodes. The number of patients is low (probably less than 30%) but of those, the pain may be excruciating and exquisite (meaning it will be bad,  happen every time and with as little as one drink). A funny thing about the way those little tidbits work is, it would be worthless [and ridiculous] to use a shot of tequila for a part of a battery of tests but if a patient tells a doctor or nurse their armpit hurts after a random shot or glass of wine- that ought to get some attention.
    Found in the bottom of a box in my storage. Murica!
  • Things I learned about my self and others during a long period of abstinence: In regards to the opposite sex- if you want more sex than you ever had in your life apparently let it be known you don't want to have sex until you're married. Not that it happened every day but multiple women begged me to have the seks with them. When it came to my understanding of myself one woman was good with no sex although we spent lots of time together. Thoughtlessly, I would walk out of a restroom in my underwear to change to go swimming or go out. There was a mutual attraction so it isn't like I totally disrespected her and looked at her as if she had the perceived sex appeal of a houseplant or whatever but I didn't think anybody could get that worked up over me. She said to the effect, No sex is fine- for now if that is what you want but you can't keep strolling around here in your underwear- it drives me nuts and I get all worked up and you know it and it isn't right.
  • Today (01/19/2015) as I drove down 183 toward Mineral Wells I saw a  goober from from Roger Williams check traffic to his left and right with his hand shading his eyes from the glare of the sun. He did this apparently without realizing his having to do this meant drivers would be similarly affected.  He stepped in front of me right when the glare hit me the worst and I only caught him out of the corner of my eye- and I mean barely. I slammed on my brakes and steered away from him while honking the horn. He waved with a goofy passive-aggressive grin and kept walking. 
  • Keep it cute homes. 
  • You are literally only alive because I'm such a good driver and you were nearly dead because you are oblivious.

    In front of an antique store in Mineral Wells.
  • Once you know somebody with a dementia such as Alzheimer's you can pick others out of a crowd similarly affected- even by looking at a picture. They just have that look.


The Donald said...

Acceptable - Having your attention captured frequently by persimmons, even if unusual.

Unacceptable - Having your attention captured by Richard Simmons, even if infrequently.

Freebird, go for the mudbugs.

Some time back, I found a space pen in my office - never determined who might have left it there, so I often carry it in my pocket, enough so so that the ends show just a tiny bit of the brass case. It will come in mucho handy if I ever have to go on the interplanetary lam, or get called to troubleshoot something on the ISS, and don't have time to order one from the interwebs.

I think my abstinence project, begun in 20XX, has been met with a collective yawn. by. the. womyn.


I think the blurry portion of that fotograf is the stream of blue words from the truck owner. Maybe the shopping center property management should move that rock.

183 near Mineral Wells?

el chupacabra said...

Hey Don- Funny thing: I almost made a Richard Simmons goof.

The abstinence thing: I am gathering you must make a conscious decision to join Team Abstain. If it is by default you gain no benefit or insight. Once/if you do that and still engage with the fairer sex- that is when the eye openings and self improvements come.

I first misspelled insight up there as, incite.

Fort Worth Highway (should have said).