Monday, January 5, 2015

Monday's Missives

  • My nursing buddy can be be sarcastically passive aggressive and I'm never completely sure if he means it or not. and maybe that part is his intention
  • A very short, slightly hot lady in a tall Jeep yielded to me in traffic this morning (08/13/2014). That is rare- normally I would expect that combination to lead to some aggressiveness.
  • She yielded to me. Ha!
  • A guy behind me yesterday was listening to the TICKET and was obviously so as he laughed only when Gordon said something funny.
  • A woman in a new Volvo C60 was later listening to the EDGE. I know she was listening to it because I could read her lips as she misspoke the words she sang along to the song we were both listening to but her dancing was good and with the beat.
  • An old patient crossed my mind this morning. He was an interesting study in how we view each other and how we interact. When we first saw him we gave him bad news and he became fiercely angry- literally in a rage. He was for some odd reason brought to my office to deal with. I felt small and weak. If asked, I would have guessed him to be 6 feet tall or even 6'3" and very muscular. When he was calm and I saw him later he was obviously only 5' 9" or even a bit shorter and had some old prison muscle but wasn't completely jacked.
  • For some reason during my commute this morning an old girlfriend crossed my mind although that hardly ever happens. Years after I lost contact with her I was in some place I probably shouldn't have been and talking to some guy I normally would not. Oh, you're from _________? I knew a girl from there. She owned the _______________________  I said. You're talking about ________  _________ he replied. Whoa I said. Yeah, thats right. How do you know her? She was friends with my brother and sister in law (It was something like that at least) he replied. As soon as he said it I knew it to be a true-lie. He didn't want any trouble in case I was still holding on or whatever. He had been with her after me I'm sure and had been introduced to her by the aforementioned brother and sister in law. I asked if he knew how she was. Oh, uh-  did you know she had cancer? Her cancer came back and she died a couple of years ago.
  • I know I've mentioned those last two thoughts on here before (although not sure if they published yet) it will be interesting to see how the details compare if I ever come across them again.
  • A recent patient reported having sexual contact at 12 years of age. Nothing shocks me anymore but that doesn't mean it does not sadden me.
  • A huge tomb has been unearthed in Greece.
  • Most conspiracy theories are nonsense but one that intrigues me are those that suggest civilizations such as ancient Egyptian et al are much older than has been accepted.

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