Thursday, January 15, 2015

Thursday's Thoughts

Old tractors always catch my attention. An old friend asked a customer about a poppin' Johnny he noted on their property. She said something like, Oh honey, we don't have any use for it- why don't you just take it?! Feeling he should give her something he paid her 100 bucks for it. He went through it a little and put some fresh gas in it and it fired right up. He bought new tires and a trailer for it and had hayrides in the neighborhood on Halloween and Christmas. I hated him.
  • Somebody I know believes Michelle Obama is a man and will go into some detail about that idea being arrived at by her body's proportions and how this idea was proved by a scientist. It went something like, Kevin, it was provvvved by a scientist! I had heard or read something like that once in the past but man, it is weird to actually meet someone who believes things like that. It will change the way I look at the person- forever. I excused myself rapidly and on returning changed the subject. It was sickening.
  • We waste a lot of time, money and energy on nonsense fueled by people's hatred, superstitions and ignorance.

    Some drive by shootings: I see this guy often on Berry in Fort Worth. The light is never right for me to talk to him although I would like to have the chance.

    If their business logo prominently features a religious connotation I automatically tend to trust them less as I resent their attempt to manipulate and assume they won't have my best interests at heart.

    I am unsure why I shot these two- they probably annoyed me in some way.

    Cool car for an automotive related business.

    Cool old truck.

    First old school station wagon I've seen in a long time.
  • Nothing is known to me about Benedict Cumberbatch other than he is a British actor and popular here. Something gives me the impression Americans like the sound of his name. It is fun to say it I will admit- especially if you do it in an English accent- give it a try. It is a blast.
  • Since I keep a toothbrush in my office it isn't unusual for me to not brush my teeth in the morning before leaving home. This day (01/08/2015) was odd in that I failed to take advantage of said toothbrush all day- disgusting.
  • Good oral hygiene is the key to success and longevity I always say.
    See what I mean- George here failed to brush properly- I'll go out on a limb and say he never brushed his teeth. Look where that inattention to detail got him- he was unsuccessful getting across the road and his longevity?! Fuhhgedaboutit!
  • There has been a debate about a 17 year old girl who wanted to refuse treatment for Hodgkin's lymphoma. She and her mother lost a court decision and she will be forced to undergo treatment until at least she turns 18. An interesting turn- because she lost the right to choose in this battle she may live long enough to make all the dumb decisions she wants.
  • Today is 01/09/2015 and just read part of an article about the aforementioned story. The girl said things to the affect, I don't want poisons and toxins circulating through my body  and I want to explore alternative treatments and I have a right to decide and Its about the quality of my life not the quantity... So yeah, she pretty much regurgitated every nonsensical catch phrase ever used to sell snake oil, make people sound smarter than they really are and to simplify complex subjects that have ever been used.
  • Again, because she will be compelled to complete treatment she will live long enough to feel silly about saying those things.

    An arrangement I made

    Stay classy.


RPM said...

Benedict Cumberbatch is on BBC's Sherlock in it's 4th year and he played Kahn in the last Star Trek.

I know a guy that buys into tabloid stuff like that. He always asks me my opinion on stuff so he can tell me the 'real story' behind it. I finally began to get through to him over the Bundy Ranch fiasco, but he's still out there in the outfield.

Katy Anders said...

I don't know what it is about disliking someone that makes people believe every possible bad thing about them that anyone else can dream up.

I guess the critical thinking shuts off when you dislike someone the same way it does when you really like them too much.

The Donald said...

I'm with you on that tractor deal.

I see this guy often on Berry in Fort Worth.

Is Robinson's BBQ still open (about 1/2 mile east of there)?

Def cool green truck. If I live to be 75, I'd like to drive around in something like that, or its vintage (like an old Jeepster, Woody, or Commando - though not commando with a woody), silver or brass knob walking stick in hand, visiting the local coffee shop, and taking food to the homeless. Sort of a sober Elwood P. Dowd eccentric.

BTW, the pickup photo is westbound, approx 600' east of Center Point, no? I shoulda been a detective or intelligence analyst...

Retro SW - the Olds Vista Cruiser, IMO, was the coolest of the lot, though our family never had one. My folks had a 59-61-ish Plymouth when I was a kid. When my kids were younger, we had a Tracer wagon, replaced with a Taurus wagon. The latter was comfortable for road trips clocking 80 on the interstate, and delivered 26 mpg running up 287/25.

The folk art reminds me of Eric Derek and his Dominos: "Beer Bottle Blues, you make me cry..."


RPM said...

the pickup photo is westbound, approx 600' east of Center Point, no?

Don, you have to be talking about a different Center Point than I know. The one I'm thinking of is near Azle off FM730.

A friend's family had an early 70's Chrysler Town & Country. That may be the penultimate station wagon. Not only did it have the obligatory rear facing flip down 3rd row seating. This bad boy had auxilliary air conditioning and cruise control! First cruise control I ever saw (and it was a dial on the dash).

The left rear quarterpanel was the 40 gallon gas tank. You could hear the 89cent a gallon NoKnox sloshing around while you cruised along. It was the Ford Pinto of station wagons. Ironically the Pinto wagon had a safer design.

The Donald said...

That's not the Center Point Rd that's west of Hudson Oaks, and east of the Bankhead Hwy exit, which would put that pickup about 1.25 miles east of the Pythian Home, on a bearing of roughly 095?

Oh, wow - just looked at the T&C. That's the station wagon variant of my first car (which was a '68 4 door mit 383), complete with fender skirts. That SW is a true land barge.

The Donald said...

M - Center Point Rd is not a major intersection. The road itself is only a bit over a mile long, connecting 180/FWH on the north, crossing I-20, and terminating at Bankhead Hwy on the south.

I think the Center Point you're referencing is near 730 & Reno Rd?

el chupacabra said...

R- Khan- really?! I had no idea. Yep, we need to be aware of people who are baiting us.
They are master-baiters...

Dearest Kate- Your second bullet point is set [con su permisso] to publish in 2020.

Thah Don- You know- I hear about Robinson's but I have no idea.
I think you're correct on your 1020 of the ole green truck.
All my family station wagon stories revolve around an old Ford Falcon. As a child we watched the interstates fly by through the rotten holes in the floorboards. After my dad died, a local rich guy's son smashed it in the middle of the night and launched it into the neighbors yard. The inspection sticker from his Caddy was launched completely intact into the street from the shattered windshield.
The cops couldn't crack the case...

R- a friend's well to do parent had one of those old T&Cs. My sister and I would fight over getting to ride all the way in the back in the flip up/over seat although the families kids literally HATED the thing.