Thursday, January 29, 2015

Thursday's Thoughts

Found in Town creek lying just like this- waiting to cripple somebody. A connected thought: I found this within 5 feet of where my friends girlfriend found an arrowhead. Another connected thought: you never notice how trashy your favorite outdoor places are until you make an active effort to watch for the garbage and carry some out. Then it seems sad, pointless and overwhelming.
  • Stairway To Heaven was playing on the radio yesterday (01/03/2015) and I heard it for the first time in years. I sang along and used hand gestures to express the lyrics. The high falsetto parts were even attempted. FG laughed. I was surprised at how much of the lyrics I remembered as in really- I cannot even guess the last time I heard it.
  • She says we're done. No, not because of my awful singing- just in general.
    My thrill seeker daughter
  • During the trailers at the theater yesterday I am positive one of them had the release date of 01/17/2014. That would make it a Friday of January last year or Saturday of this if they meant 2015- unlikely as movies are not released on Saturday. The name of the movie eludes me now but it looked stunningly terrible from the trailer.
  • Roger Daltry was in a movie where he plays a bank robber. I had to look it up but it was called McVicar and wasn't awful.
  • FG's dumb cat has a strange loyalty toward me even though i hate his guts. FG says to me, He is gay for you and You're  his boyfriend.
    Another one of FG's tattoo designs for me
  • Last night after gassing up the econo box we call Bullit I pulled around by a bunch of hot rodders/street racers/miscreants hanging at the car wash and putting the car in neutral as we slowly rolled by I revved the engine- zoom, zooooom, zoOOoooOOom as their mouths hung open in disbelief and they said, What the...!? We were still laughing halfway across town. I thought I was going to hyperventilate. I was seeing spots and my diaphragm was spasmodic.
  • Maybe you had to be there.
    This is a fork on the seat of my truck. You're welcome.
  • If money were no object- I won that proverbial lottery or whatever, my dwelling would be awesome of course but not ridiculous. However, the wall separating the garage from the house would be glass so I could see all my cool cars and motorcycles.
  • Now all I have to do is sit here and rock back and forth wanting all that money.
    A drive by shooting: this place has always gotten on my nerves- it isn't on a corner! ARRRRRRRH- you can't do that!

    Another : looks like there was a gun show on the Wise County _________ Grounds Nov. 22nd & 23rd. Good to know somebody is standing up to Obama and his liberal agenda.

    Otra: I haven't been to Casa Torres since they built the new building

    Autere: I love Decatur's library building and was always proud of it. It would be a pleasant surprise if it doesn't (or hasn't in the past) leaked like a pasta strainer.

    Anutter peanut butter: These things in the middle of the road make me nervous.

    Andere: As wrong as it is, you know what I think when I see these signs (and always have)? Deet dah dee...
  • Donna Douglas as died. I was reading about her at 4 o'clock in  the morning before the announcement was made- she wasn't dead and the article wasn't about her death. How random and wild is that? I do not know the last time she crossed my mind.
  • Does the apostrophe in o'clock connote, of the clock?


RPM said...

The "Wise County Grounds" are a story that you won't find in The Messenger or on Liberally Lean. The "Wise County Mafia" makes sure of that.

You think I'm joking, but I'm as serious as a myocardial infarction.

The non-profit, all volunteer Wise County Sheriff's Posse built and maintained the barns, arenas and facilities since the 1950's. Their primary function was to shepherd the facility and host the Youth Fair.

They were not even given the opportunity to renew their lease on the facilities they built from scratch. Wise County commissioners refused to negotiate on the value of the improvements and 'acquired' everything the Sheriff's Posse spent 50 years building on raw land.

Thanks Kevin Burns. A True American 'hero'.

The Donald said...

Confucius say: Yellow lane dividers like street xylophone

And on a related note - but probably not - the Roadside Corner got its name from a misunderstanding. Seems a Japanese investor was searching for real estate to buy. Commander Cody was playing on the radio, and just then he saw a property for sale, in front of which was a car named after the 16th President.

The next day, he had to return to Osaka, but left instructions with the Hispanic real estate agent to purchase the property and name it after the car name by the side of the road.

So now you know the rest of the story...

el chupacabra said...

RPM-You gotta love the small town/county politics...

The Don- There is just something not right about those things. They're nerve wracking and I'm not sure why (making them MORE nerve wracking).

The Donald said...

Regarding the 'Roadside Corner' C-store. 2-3 years ago, I was finishing up some notes in my car after a business visit to that location when a pretty ragged Civic rolled up about three spaces away (I was parked toward the Library), and backed in. The passenger got out and went in while the driver remained with the engine running. I thought for sure there was a robbery about to go down, but apparently they just didn't want the car to stall.