Monday, September 1, 2014

Monday's Missives

This may have been the first time my children were refreshed by a fresh picked wild plum.
  • FG gets mad because she says everybody down here says she has green or hazel eyes . She said she had not even heard of hazel eyes before. She is adamant her eyes are blue. Its OK babe- its all good, cuz we totally see colors different down here- in fact, when we see one we don't like- we just make up another name for it.
  • We went to Coyote Drive In in Funkytown last night (06/14/2014). Verdict: it was OK. Way too many people were there who were oblivious to general polite behavior and are not familiar with drive in etiquette in particular. There is too much ambient light around there although the full moon itself didn't help any either. There was intermittent blowing of train horns from a nearby track and light from an adjacent stadium and twice  helicopters made a lazy loop nearby to check out the screen. The food was very good. I had a pizza that was as good as any pretty good pizza I have ever had. We watched Maleficent and Edge Of Tomorrow although it took about 10 to maybe 15 minutes for me to figure out exactly how each would play out.

    The lighting terrible but I like the slightly 3D quality to this flower pic.

    FG thought this looked like a bird of paradise. Although there is such a thing this is not a BOP flower. I just thought it interesting her mind went there.
  • If you clean out the lint trap on a dryer halfway through a dryer cycle, of course there will be less lint on your clothes but they also seem to dry faster- how/why?
  • On Earth Day my hot nursing buddy and I went out to purview and snag some swag from vendors. As I took note of a Tarrant County Sheriff's deputy eye raping my buddy I turned to her and glanced back to him. When I did he shot me the angriest look of absolute disgust I ever seen. I said, Uh, good morning. How are you?  a little shocked at his very  blatant and obvious eye rapiness and taken aback at his looking at me like his fantasies had turned to my early demise at his hands. I then looked  looked down at their swag. He jerked some piece of crap I had picked up out of my hands and said, You don't get nothing- you called me man! I said, That's not what I said and turned to walk away and ignored him as he tried to call me back. He heard what he wanted to hear to have an excuse to shoot me down in front of his new found fantasy masturbation visual. The worst thing about this? Tell me he doesn't do the same on the street to get to taze or rough people up. Well, you can tell me but I won't believe it and you and I both know it is true.
  • Another related thought: I know it is a tired old saw but he was literally hiding behind his badge and gun. That stupid looking bucket of pus wouldn't so much as give me a dirty look out of the uniform. What a punk.

  • Applebees in Weatherford is unbelievably bad. It stinks like a slaughterhouse or a poorly run nursing home or a slaughterhouse operating in the back of a poorly run nursing home and the service and food is sooo bad we could literally hear nothing but complaints to the manager and servers from other tables yesterday (06/14/2014). The food was only barely edible and I would have walked out after the first bite if we weren't literally starving. This is the second time the visit played out the exact same way. Two strikes and you're out.
  • Recently FG's mom reported to her on my activity outside the home home one day she had witnessed. It was no big deal but I didn't like it. What have I got hide you ask? Well, nothing- that is exactly why I didn't like It. I don't need to be monitored, therefore it perturbs me a bit.

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