Monday, September 22, 2014

Monday's Missives

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    At the Putt Putt on Calmont in Funkytown. Somewhere a lawn mower man's butt is still hurting from the chewing out he received. It was odd though- he had to go out of his way to mangle that thing with a mower, so he pretty much deserved at least a chewing out.
  • Man, that picture is gigantic.
  • Two minutes never seems like a long time at all until you're cooking something in the microwave.
  • At Scarborough Fair this past season a goob using a pro consumer grade camera and sound set-up was making a nuisance of himself getting in front of the audience at the Birds Of Prey demonstration. The presenter interrupted the show to ask if he was there officially or what. The guy lied and said it was for the fair. What a putz. He was lead away a few minutes later by an employee.
  • The Whole Hog Exploring the Extraordinary Potential of Pigs- what I'm reading (06/28/2014).
  • Top Secret!- what I'm watching.
  • In the days of my ute there was a miniature golf golf course on 51 North that was built by a resident of Decatur out of various scrap materials. I recall a tractor tire that was cut to form a loop that you would drive the ball through. I think you paid by dropping money in a jar. It was past the armory on the right.
  • I have never heard anybody correctly pronounce the Ye as in- Ye Olde... The Y is not our Y. It is a symbol that sounds like, Th.
  • Although the M1 Garand was miles away better, the British and German bolt action rifles of WWII were ridiculously good weapons.
    Note I left above the dishwasher
  • People who like to sound well informed prattle on about how ineffective torture is to get information out of people. They'll say, The person will say anything to get the pain to stop! True they will say just about anything- even the truth.
  • The US is considering signing on to a ban of the manufacture and use of landmines. Bad, dumb move.
  • Your life will be worth less than a truckload of rats in a used tampon factory! Line from Top Secret! I intend to use at my earliest possible opportunity.

    Penny smashed by vendor at Ren Fair. They handed them out from the parade. Zac scored this one. 


Katy Anders said...

I think the radiation from the microwave slows down time.

I can get all of my cleaning done and flip through every channel twice in the time it takes to warm up leftovers.

Someone should look into my radiation/slow time theory. I'll bet I could get me a government grant to study it.

The Donald said...

I don't know if I've ever shared this before, but I used to be a competitive skeet surfer. The sport was what caused Bill Ruger to offer his Red Label O/U in stainless, I think.

I gave it up after my ammo pouch pulled down my swim trunks one too many times...

I can get all of my cleaning done and flip through every channel twice in the time it takes to warm up leftovers.

Kates, will you marry me? OK, I know you won't - but I need a woman who can clean up my bat-cave. Or at least one who can train me on how it's done.