Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Observations From My Recent Visit To A Medical Imaging Office

  • On the way in there was a construction worker sitting nearly under his truck to be in it's shade.
  • The office I went to today (08/29/2014) had cookies, consequently my nursing buddies had cookies when I got back to the office.
  • One elderly lady had obviously been directed by her doctor to present there to rule out pneumonia and/or COPD. I wanted to tell her, I can save you a lot of time and trouble- stop smoking, dummy.
  • Smoke inhalation is the number one cause of death secondary to a fire- not something you should do for grins and giggles.
  • Man, that other lady has some huge feet- holy smokes.
  • There was  a parade of fat people who came wobbling in with bad knees worn out hips and sprained ankles from not being able to see the step they missed causing them to tumble down some stairs.
  • My copay was exactly equal to what critics of our bloated and expensive medical care system say is the average total cost of the same procedure with the same equipment in other developed countries.
  • There is a guy very clumsily playing buddy-buddy with daughter. I can't tell if he is socially retarded and doing what he thinks he is supposed to do and doesn't know how to pull it off or if he abuses her and and is trying too hard to cover up said abuse.  She alternates between looking slightly afraid and having a blunted affect.
  • The technologist looked scruffy but man, he was a genuinely nice guy and I bet smarter than average in his field.
  • My companies insurance was once upon a time self directed, meaning you had nice stuff other plans may not like, office visits that had very low copays deductibles for procedures that were reasonable and there was no referral needed to visit a specialist. Too many knuckleheads ruined that though- get a headache and a have burning when you urinate? Hey don't increase your water intake- go see a urologist and a neurologist!
  • The technologist gave me a handful of earplugs when I told him I would keep the ones he issued me before the procedure.
  • During the procedure a very  hot friendly acquaintance crossed my mind. She is losing her hair. That is one of the few things I could not abide and would work extra or do whatever it would take to help pay for her to have hair transplants were I with somebody with that problem.
  • While I was out of the office a supervisor approved something that if one of us peons had done it she would have gone ballistic- not give the perpetrator a gentle verbal counsel and educate away from the behavior- she would have gone off. She would have screamed like a maniac with her fist raised over her head and after blowing a hole through the roof she would blasted off into earth's upper atmosphere, then by flying around the earth fast enough to make it reverse it's rotation she would have reversed time to make the event never even happen.

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