Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Wednesday's Digressions

Yes, that is a picture of a Russian surgeon performing an appendectomy on himself- why do you ask?
  • I keep seeing Craigslist ads that say to the effect, "Barn find! 1970 Camaro!" and there will be a picture of a multicolored stack of holed through rusty debris and shattered glass that may or may not be a Camaro and in fact may or may not be a car. I always doubt it was even found in a building but regardless- that isn't a barn found car. A barn find means it was driven into the building and left. The condition may have degraded- dry rot, surface rust and mouse nests etc. but the impression should be and it might even take a bit of imagination is you squirt a little Marvels Mystery Oil in the cylinders, put a hot battery on her and some fresh gas in the tank, air up the tires and after a couple hours tinkering- you drive away.
  • A kid from Padre Island was killed in Gaza. He was in the Golani Brigade. What a wild world we live in.
  • Phillip Seymour Hoffman supposedly failed to take an accountant's advice to provide for his children with a trust fund saying he didn't want them to turn into, " trust fund kids." Maybe he was saying what he thought he was supposed to say. If everything in the world is all or nothing it would be just as easy if in his shoes say,  I don't want a trust fund for my children as I do not mind the thought of them being homeless and having to sell their bodies for food.
  • The nurse practitioner in my doctor's office is smart, to the point and a practical thinker- I like that. The NP at my children's first pediatrician's office was known for people refusing to bring their children to see the actual doc, they would wait for work-ins to see the ANP and walk past the physician.
  • Unsolicited career path advice: you could do a lot worse than mid level medicine such as becoming a nurse practitioner after a few years as an RN.
  • The 2015 Dodge Challenger Hellcat will come with 2 sets of keys- one allows the possessor to access 707 horsepower the other a measly 500+. 
  • I have  lump in my throat and butterflies in my stomach just reading that.
  • Here, be titillated , disgusted or inspired by a story of conjoined twins finding love with one man

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Katy Anders said...

Seems like there's gotta be a line between promoting outright laziness in your kids and blessing kids with some of the benefits of your likely sizable estate. You know, the Kardashians are on one side of that line, I'm way on the other.

But even my parents - who died with nothing to give me - would have told you they wanted me to at least be able to go to a good school.